Abuse in care homes essay

Abuse in care homes In 2014 the BBC released the results of an investigation they had been conducting, including video footage, of abuse and neglect of clients from their careers. The ICQ (Care Quality Commission) released the results of investigations they had been doing into the standard of care given in certain care homes and found it failing badly. These reports drew the attention of the general public and made them aware of the situation. The Care Minister and the ICQ took immediate action and those directly involved where either disciplined or fired.

However the ICQ has said that some care homes are still being stubborn about improving the level of care to an acceptable level, which includes zero tolerance for any kind of abuse. In my opinion the two main factors slowing down the achievement Of the correct level Of care, are money and sufficient train ins. Discovering the reasons that allowed the abuse to occur is the first step to preventing more abuse in the future. It is easy to just blame the careers who were the cause of the abuse, and yes I believe they are to blame, but it is not only their fault.

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A lack of training may have stopped them knowing, to a certain degree, what they were doing was wrong. With better training, careers can learn how to handle situations in the correct way. They can begin to understand that the client may not know or have full control over their actions. This means they may need to act or react differently. The care homes themselves are inhibited by the lack of funding they receive. It means that they cannot provide the best training, hire the best careers or motivate more people to become careers due to a low wage, meaning they cannot necessarily kick and choose candidates.

It also means that care homes cannot hire a sufficient number of staff to do the work. This is how a large portion of neglect happens. The careers may not want to ignore a call from a client, but if they are all the middle of helping another client they cannot just run away to answer the call and must always priorities the work. There is even an argument to make, that the government should take a portion of the blame. A lot of people involved in healthcare are of the opinion that independent care homes should now have the same restrictions and scrutiny that the INS s under.

If it had been this way from the beginning then maybe certain care homes would not have felt they could get away with substandard care. Since the reports were released, the care homes have made tremendous strides to improve the level of care the can provide. In this respect the reports have done some good. However, as a career myself feel that on the whole, it may have made it harder for careers and care homes. The public may now kick upon care homes and careers with distrust, generalizing all careers though many have had nothing to do with the abuse reports.

This can make it harder for clients to feel comfortable with the careers and harder for care homes to take on new clients. This puts the INS under more stress because elderly people may not want to go into care homes, and so stay in hospital for longer. Am lucky that I can spend a long time with each of my clients, but if you are working in a large care home then you may not have the time to really get to know each client and try to help put them at ease. This can make the clients unhappy, which in turn can make it harder on the careers.

I would hope that this has caused more check-ups and spot checks from ICQ and other care governing bodies on care homes, to make sure that the level of care doesn’t slip, but as do not work in a care home I cannot say for certain. Have not been able to find any promise made to the care industry to invest money to help improve care. This means that the underlying problem is still going to be there. The media coverage of this issue has brought it to the attention of the general public all across the country.

But unfortunately the media has encountered a lot on the negative points, which is to be expected as we all know bad news sells newspapers well. The media generalized a lot about care home standards and careers, this has heavily influenced the publics views. Which I think is a shame because not all care homes, not even most care homes are bad. Most are very good and the careers are very skilled and good at their jobs. The public should be worried that this level of care was being given in certain care homes, but hope as more reports come back that the quality of care is raising they will start to trust care homes again.