A Small Place Essay Response essay

Using the diction and imagery Jamaica Kinked successfully makes the people reading the book want to help those in Jamaica who are oppressed and angry. Using the power of the book Candid uses a multitude of words and phrases, to show how she feels, and the people about a certain sentence or topic. Mostly the anger from Kinked is towards the British as she blames them for everything wrong with Antigen like the government. By showing her anger throughout the book, and supporting it with reason she sets the standards high for why people shouldn’t help.

For Kinked her “version” of Kinked is one. She sarcastically states that her version doesn’t exist due to the no longer rule of English “(But the English have become such a pitiful lot these days, with hardly any idea what to do with themselves now that they no longer have one quarter of the earth’s human population bowing… Y’ (Candid 23) The use of the word ‘pitiful’, which means deserving of pity, makes it sound like she is talking with an angry and demeaning tone. By helping the reader see her anger towards the people, Candid makes it easier for the reader to see from her eyes.

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She is direct with what she thinks happened and ho to blame wanting people to agree with her. She is succeeding because the reader is able to feel her anger and start to have anger of themselves toward the book. Candid uses the word “unreal beauty’ to try to over describe the effect of the islands beauty by the tourist’s. To the tourists, “Sometimes the beauty of it seems as if it were stage sets for a play. ” (Candid 77) This makes the island and its people seem like they are actors and props; they don’t see their true humanity. She blames the past like their ancestors for making the beauty of Antigen “unreal”.

Candid keeps using the term “unreal” to describe her dutiful homeland. To the Antigens, and the author its the past that are haunting them Of what could be, but then was destroyed. The problem with beauty it can also be a curse. They have no large historical moment, “No Industrial Revolution, no world wars… Nothing to leave a mark on their character. ” (80) Candid uses extremely descriptive words in the right places when describing her homeland it makes it seem that she made the place, and watched it go to hell, but using her words she is inspiring hope and opening the eyes of people around that change can help them.

Candid’s descriptive telling of the “unreal beauty of Antigen and her angry tone truly help the reader along a journey of understanding. By using her tone with descriptive words and diction, she creates a strong personal connection between the reader and the story while supporting her words and facts. Using all these ways of writing a book Kinked creates a connection, that allows the readers to feel the pain, and makes them want to help the people Finally it helps the reader see their point of view compared to the persons normal point of view; commonly as the tourist.