A male perspective and understanding of Beauty essay

As men, our self-appearance views are far different and consist of basic understanding and self-acceptance than those Of women. In his article, Dave berry states in detail the simplicity of a male self-prospective from that of a woman. For an instance, he states that for most men, not only do they form the conclusion of their self-appearance at an early age; they are also very content with being considered average as wells as being viewed as such. Males have simple and content views about their physical appearance, while omen on the other hand, that’s a different story’.

There is popular saying that have seen and hurt around, ” you can tell a woman she is beautiful a hundred times she will not believe you, but if you tell her she is ugly once, she will never forget or forgive you. ” The funny thing is, this is an absolute truth. That is why Dave Berry tells us males to think clearly when answering the “how do I look? ” question from our women. Mean it is a basic common sense to really not intentionally offend someone, but it is also not k to completely lie to someone to spare his or her feelings or what not.

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So it wise indeed to think consciously about the answer we are about to give to women in this situations because unlike us males, women do care a great deal about their personal appearance and are not content with looking “average” like us males. It is intriguing to learn about how women think and process information about their personal appearance. Gathering from the article, women have a little bit more harsh prospective about their personal appearance. According to Dave, women hardly admit that they are beautiful when asked what they think of their own personal looks or appearance.

For most women, their answer will be, “not good enough. ” It is difficult sometimes to understand women psychological thinking process. As a male, when I see a beautiful woman, I want her to know that she is beautiful. Unfortunately, most women would then take the compliment and turn it into something negative because to them, they don’t see beauty. Why this way of thinking though? Is it because beauty standards and expectations are much more higher for women or for men? Well truth is, our society does indeed have beauty expectations and standards for women much higher than that of man.

For instance, men are to expected to be perfectly groomed, shaved, perfect skin, perfect weight and so fourth. Mean a man can just wake up in the morning and put on a deodorant and get going on his day and business, however, for a woman, our society tells them that it will be shameful to leave the house not looking like a perfect Barbie doll. It is very unfortunate indeed that the male population is partially responsible for these set standards of beauty for women. We as the male gender, we have created images of our perfect potential significant others, we have set standards and characteristics that we expect in our women.

So these omen strive hard to attain these standards because after all they want to be someone’s perfect match. Part of it is that women truly need to perhaps reevaluate their own self-talk standards of beauty. A confident woman should be able to say, “l am beautiful the way I am” no meter what. In my opinion, I think all Women are beautiful in their own way. I do not expect all of them to be the same or have the same qualities and characters, because where is the fun in that without uniqueness? Love strong, confident, beautiful and intelligent women that can think beyond their personal appearance and all that stupid stuff.