A Literary Comparison of Fiesta essay

A Literary Comparison of “Fiesta 1 980” and Fences Cultural Role in the Family Dynamic Arthur Junco Ditz was born in the Dominican Republic and with his family immigrated to the United States when he was only seven years old. His Hispanic cultural background influences his story and characters Dais’s characters use Latin dialect throughout the story “Fiesta 1980”. Likewise August Wilson grew up in a black neighborhood up north that influenced his characters, setting, and dialect in Fences. Both Ditz and Miller wrote from a cultural perspective. Each Arthur depicted how it was to live and grow up in heir particular culture.

Through the use of culture both Ditz and Wilson portray how important it is to the setting, protagonists, and overall understanding of the plot. In August Wilson Fences the protagonist Tory Manson demonstrates how his own culture, African American race and upbringing affect his family life. Troy grew up in a time when segregation was socially accepted and that influenced how he viewed the world. As a young boy Troy could never fulfill the dream of playing professional baseball. During that era African American men were not allowed to play professional sports. L thought we had an understanding about this football stuff?

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You suppose to keep up with chores and hold that job. ” (Wilson, 1985, 1534). Troy’s own cultural experience from being segregated was projected onto his son. Although, it was a different time period Troy could not let go of the past and allow his son the chance at the future he never had. In “Fiesta 19th API was raised in a strict Hispanic household were love and affection were not shown. In return API did not know how to show love to his own children. “API was old fashioned; he expected you to attend him, but not stare into his eyes, while you were eating your ass whipped. (Ditz, 1996, 151). API did not know how to be a father, he was an authoritarian. Both Troy and API could not overcome their own Cultural upbringing and look past the negative to help impact their own families for the positive. Troy allowing his past rejection to live on through doubting his son means that he could not see his son as a different person than him. Troy could not allow his son to make his own decisions and attempt his own success. Like Troy, API could not let his own upbringing and lack Of love and emotion be overcome by the love of his own family.

Both Protagonist allows their cultural past influence the type of men they are and how they treat their families. In Fiesta 1 980 Ditz uses the setting in Papa’s green Volkswagen van to show the reader the cultural implication. The Ditz Family immigrated from the United States and the five of them lived in a small apartment. The family did not have money by any means yet API, the father decides to buy a green Volkswagen van. The van serves as a cultural status symbol. Although the family cannot really afford it and perhaps should use the money elsewhere API decided that he wanted a van.

None of us said anything else until we were in papa’s Volkswagen Van. Brand new, lime green, bought to impress. Oh, we were impressed, considering we couldn’t afford no VI van new or used. ” (Ditz, 1996, 151). API used to van as symbol to show everyone else that even if he could not afford the van he was the one making the decisions in the family, and what he decides ultimately goes. The van could have been a status symbol that API used to show family and friends how far he had come since immigrating from the Dominican Republic. Likewise in August Willow’s Fences the setting is an old house in an alley.

The house is not well kept, but serves as a status symbol. The father Troy Manson is African American and the decedent of slavery. Although Troy works hard as a sanitation worker, his earnings are meager. Troy takes his brothers disability check and buys a house for his family. The house serves as the setting throughout Fences and similarly represents how far the Manson family has come. Although the money was not entirely Troy’s he acts like it is “Ana.. i ant mad at you Gave. If was mad at you I’d tell you about it. ” (Wilson, 1985, 1529) . They own a house and a small piece of property.

Both Ditz and Wilson show how relevant the setting is in regard to the culture because it is vital in understanding the family dynamic. The members in both families were not entitled to opinions or input. API was going to drive the green Volkswagen van and Troy was going to live in the house his brother bought. The family is second to what both API and Troy want the desire first to be admired and respected for what material things they have acquired. In “Fiesta 1980” API uses the fact that he is Dominican and in his Hispanic culture he can cheat and get away with it.

It is understood in most Latin cultures that if the man is the breadwinner and brings home the money then what he should not be questioned. API was arrogant and let the fact that he was head of his family cloud his better judgment. API should have protected his sons from his lies and Infidelity’s. Instead, API would use to fact that he was a macho man and the head of the family to show his sons a lesson in cheating. API would take them around his mistress and expose them to that side of his life, the side of his life that should have not even existed. “l met the

Puerco Rican woman right after API had gotten the Van” (Ditz, 1 996,155). API would use to van as an excuse and take his son driving, trying to help his car sickness. The cultural implication was that although API was doing something wrong his son would keep his mouth shut and not say anything about it. API was teaching his son what he was taught his ways and cultural upbringing. Likewise in Wilson Fences Troy cheats on his wife with Alberta a young woman. Troy denies to his friend Bono that anything is going on because culturally he is supposed to uphold his marriage vows and be loyal to his wife.

You been doing more than eyeing her. You done brought her a drink or two. ” ( Wilson,1 985,1 519). Troy also uses his position as head of the family to sneak around behind his wife’s back. Unlike API, Troy does not intentionally expose his family to his infidelity. However Troy’s infidelity crosses into his family life as well. When Alberta dies giving birth to Troy’s illegitimate baby it now affects his wife and sons. His wife decides to raise his child, but will not fulfill any duties as a wife. The lives of both protagonists’ wives are disrupted and affected by the unfaithful actions of their husbands.

Similarly, both Troy and API use their cultural upbringing to influence how they father their children. API is strict, yet favors his eldest son more than the younger son. Troy is similar in that he was not present for his eldest son’s life because he was incarcerated but, he is equally as mean and doubtful of his youngest son. The way that API treated his sons was to act as if they were grown men who understood adult situations. “Me and Raff, we didn’t talk much about that Puerco Rican woman. When we ate dinner at her house… ” (Ditz, 1 996, 157).

The way that API fathered his sons affected them each differently. His eldest son Raff was not as affected by the infidelity as young Younger. Raff just let the whole situation go, and not bother him while Younger debated whether he should let his mother know. Younger debated about whether telling his mother would truly change anything. Similarly Troy fathers his sons in much of the same fashion. Troy was absent for Lyon his eldest sons life and when his Son did come around he felt like it was only to ask for money. Tropes youngest son Cord wanted his father’s love and approval.

However, Troy let his own past disappoints affect what kind of father he was and how much support and love he was able to show his son. ” don’t care where he coming from. The white man anti goanna let you get nowhere with that football anyway. ” (Wilson, 1 985, 1534). Troy wanted to see his son succeed but did not want him to have to experience the same pain and disappointment he felt if football does not work out for him. Both Troy and API wanted to gain cultural security and independence yet, did not know how to approach being good fathers within their own cultural context.