Sunway Resort essay

It seems the staff lack of proper training. In that case, the hotel need to give a proper training to the staff emphasizing on how to treat the customer with good manners, polite and patience. 2. Production Quality Production is an outcome of a product that fulfill human needs and focus on customer satisfaction. Moreover, the product play a role of valuable things in commodity or even services (Danishes. Com, 2014). Quality also has an important role for the value of money of the business in which, it meets the human needs and expectations of the customers (Jim, 2012).

Therefore, by combining this two, it helps in growing the business economy. However, Sunday Resort Hotel & Spa has negative feedback review of their production as shown in figure 2 (Trapdoors. Com. My, 2014). Figure 2 Did not reach Customer expectation of 5-Stars hotel Figure 2 (Continuation) Based on Figure 2, the customers put high expectations in such a luxury hotel like Sunday Hotel Resort & Spa but whenever it does not reach the customer expectations, it lead to the bad perception from the customers and they might be think that it is not worth it to live in such a luxury hotel or even for a alee of money.

The staff is need to practice a good manners in entertaining the customers. Therefore, the management must monitor the staff performance towards the customer, which may help the growth of the hotel in the future. 3. Relationship and Customer Loyalty According to Gray and Davis (2014), customers are people that make decisions about where to spend their time, money and effort everyday. Therefore, by building a relationship with customer, customer loyalty may exist where it is actually a reward that customer received for their efforts.

Furthermore, Sunday Resort Hotel & Spa received review about their services. Figure 3 Review from Loyal Customer for 20 years Based on the Figure 3, the customer has been a loyal customer before but due to the lack of respect from the hotel the customer did not want to go there again. The management should know how to control the situation and need to train the staff to respect the customers’ privacy and preferences. Therefore, in order to maintain the customers’ loyalty, the management of the hotel should make an effort and monitor staffs performance.

Data Analysis Report essay

ISO, consumer satisfaction was similar across five age groups. In respect of determinants of consumer satisfaction, satisfaction with response time, satisfaction with the level Of advice from staff at call centre, satisfaction with the level of communication and satisfaction with loyalty rewards program from consumers are all key contributors while only satisfaction with the level of communication has positive relationship with overall consumer satisfaction. Thus, in order to make effective strategy to improve overall satisfaction, Computer R Us should increase methods of communication.

Introduction Computer R Us, whose main business focuses on manufacture and retail of computers, recently set up a division called Completer. This division offers consumers service and repair for its computers. However, in its everyday operation, R Us has received many complaints from consumers because the division is suffering from such problems as lack of trained work staff in the call centre, distribution problem and availability of computer parts. This report aims to investigate what current level of satisfaction is and which strategy is the most effective to improve the overall satisfaction.

In order to et out most potent strategy to improve overall satisfaction, this report studies that satisfaction with response time, satisfaction with the level of advice from staff at call centre satisfaction with the level of communication and satisfaction with loyalty rewards program from consumers which one contributes significantly to overall satisfaction and then recommends respective strategy. Research Design In primary research, a consumer satisfaction survey which consists of three parts, personal information, current satisfaction and determinants of consumer satisfaction, has been designed.

This survey was randomly strutted among 500 consumers of R Us. This sample size is sufficient to represent the population and the sampling is at random. Out of 500 copies of questionnaires sent, 420 samples were collected . This set of data is the basis to further research. In the process of collecting data, there are several human ethical considerations -Consent with this survey should be given by participants before data process begins. Make sure consumers everyday life would not be disturbed by this sample survey both physically and emotionally.

The most salient ethical values implicated by the use of human artisans in research are beneficence, fidelity and trust within the fiduciary investigator/participant relationship, personal dignity, and competent decision making and the privacy of personal information. (Kappa, 2006)Len our surveying, consumers were able to respond anonymously, which protects the privacy of personal information. Even in reporting results, the private information provided by those 420 consumers must not be disclosed.

Analysis Six hypotheses tests were conducted to work out current consumer satisfaction and the determinants of overall satisfaction. From appendix, it an be seen that current consumer satisfaction with the business doesn’t reach management’s expectation (6 out of 10)by using p value one tail though analysis of two tails are illustrated Tat’s necessary to take right actions to boost consumers’ satisfaction with profound insight into the determinants of overall satisfaction.

Also it’s worth noting that male satisfaction differs from female satisfaction with means of 3. 626 and 5. 885 respectively, indicating that female consumers are much more satisfied with current situation more than male are. With regards to satisfaction across the specified age groups, the hypothesis test shows no difference at all. By means of Chi-Square test, we conclude that composition of male and female is quite the same in those five age groups.

In addition, consumer’s satisfactions in response to the initiatives of ‘decreasing response times in the Completer division’ and the ‘new loyalty rewards program’ are quite different. With respect to the determinants of overall satisfaction, satisfaction with response time, satisfaction with the level of advice from staff at call centre, satisfaction with the level of communication and satisfaction with loyalty rewards program from nonusers all are significant factors to overall satisfaction, evidenced by the t- statistics of table 6.

From the regression model, it can be seen that coefficient of determination reaches 98% showing that the obtained model explains all those variables quite well. However, it is odd that only consumer’s satisfaction with the level of communication has the positive relationship with the overall satisfaction since its coefficient is 0. 167 while the other three have negative relationship with overall satisfaction. This result is crucial to determine which strategy is the most effective one, in which management is most interested.

Recommendations In short, current overall consumer satisfaction IS below the expected level and different between genders. The key determinants to consumers’ overall satisfaction are satisfaction with response time, satisfaction with the level of advice from staff at call centre, satisfaction with the level of communication and satisfaction with loyalty rewards program from consumers. Less of great necessity to improve the overall consumers’ satisfaction by increasing methods of communication between Computer R Us and its consumers.

Disruptions In Automotive Two Wheeler Industry essay

Disruptions in Automotive / Two Wheeler Industry Self-Driving Cars – Google unveiled the self-driving car creating an opportunity to look forward at the changes disrupting the industry and how we get around Focus of innovation in automobile electronics is shifting from hardware to software. In-dash GAPS system with audio- information provided through the speakers and headset cables Electric two-wheeler Maidenhair Genre Features: Touchstones display, which shows your speed, range and charge level, plus energy consumption and ca reduction.

Air bags in two-wheelers: Air bags for two wheeler users are specially being developed. These air bags will be fitted inside jackets that needs to be worn by riders. In an event such as a crash or a collision, these air bags inflate from within the jacket and prevent any serious injury happening to a bike rider. Cruise control: Adaptive cruise control is an active safety system, widely used in Foreign countries. The camera in the vehicle is used for lane assist and obstacle detection and RADAR mainly detects the vehicle in front. Did Cooled Engines: As engine generates mechanical power and waste heat energy at the same time, they need cooling to prevent them from over heating and break down Liquid cooled engines use a mixture of water and other chemicals like anti freeze and rust inhibitors. , air cooled engines use air but no water or other chemicals to cool themselves.

Advantages And Disadvantages New essay

This is because not exercising and smoking can affect your health hugely. There are other things that can contribute to our health such as going to bed at a reasonable time. This is because you will be getting the right amount of sleep your body will need to fulfill tasks in day to day life such as work. Getting the amount of sleep has a massive effect on your health due to people having a physical working job therefore need to have extra hours of sleep to recharge the body.

When you have drugs and alcohol this can have a have a very big negative affect on your health due to the drugs and alcohol having an impact on your mental state and physical state due to the possibility of not being fit to care for your children and also o could possibly lose your job which will also affect your health because you will no longer have the right amount of money to care for yourself. Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. To maintain good well-being you can engage in more activities to help you achieve a good social life.

Having a good social life helps your well-being because it stops you from being depressed. Well-being can also be when you are doing an activity what makes you feel relaxed such as listening to music or even playing video games. You can also have an impact on your well-being due to starting to do n activity for your enjoyment. Egg: joining a gym this will affect your well being simply because after you are improving your body this can help you feel more confident in yourself.

In reality your well-being is something that makes you more comfortable for example even being organized can have a massive affect on your well-being because you then will be able to sort out the work you have and also other things you have to keep such as bank statements. Having a bad well-being affects your overall mood, this can come from simple things such as being bored and also not being active, doing these impel things could have an impact on your well-being because when you are active you are more reasonably not going to be bored, when you are bored you seem not to concentrate and also you seem not to be motivated.

When these things are continuous it could affect your work due to you may not being motivated to do it. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages 1 . Some therapies can diagnose problems; examples of therapies that can do this are acupuncture and aromatherapy. Acupuncture can diagnose problems by looking at the quality of a pulse at certain locations of the body also acupuncture can diagnose skin problems and also if certain things wrong with the body this then leads then to curing the problems. The problems acupuncture can cure are back pain and depression.

Aromatherapy can diagnose problems by touching and feeling the body to if there are problems with the skin or muscle while performing an aromatherapy massage this can diagnose that there are problems within the body. This therapy can diagnose skin problems such as eczema. Diagnosing problems can help your health and wellbeing by detecting problems that you might have. This especially appeals to improving your health because you will be able to detect problems that you have/could have in the future therefore giving you the ability to prevent the illness in the foreseeable future. 2.

Complementary therapies are used to relax people from what problems they have for example depression. To cure depression you can use acupuncture, this is by the needles in acupuncture being inserted into certain places in the body; this releases tension and stress by putting acupuncture needles in specific points in the body which is believed to promote the body’s trial healing capabilities, This leads on to the therapies that can relax you can also be used as an aid to people with terminal illness’ this is because relaxing the person with the illness will take their mind of what is wrong with them.

If any therapy in fact is relaxing this could be beneficial to a person’s well-being because it might help them feel more comfortable in themselves with their problems you have. Acupuncture helps relax you simply due to it releasing tension and stress by the needles. Being relaxed and comfortable d because of this therapy will help you in day-to-day life because you will nearly feel happier because the stress you would have had is now gone. This also affects your health by the stress that you had could of affected how your body was working.

An example of this is that you possibly wouldn’t have had enough water and have not eaten properly therefore making you more stressed. 3. Complementary therapies can be used in a variety of different ways. They use a variety of methods such as using needles, medication and creams. Examples Of therapies that use these methods are acupuncture and also aromatherapy. Aromatherapy oils/creams can be rubbed into the skin and also inhaled by your nose. The needles are used in the therapy acupuncture.

Another way they can be used is by creams. The creams can be used in herbal medicines. Finally they can also be used via medication; the therapy that used medication is Herbal Medicines. The fact that complementary therapies can be used in numerous amounts of ways is very beneficial to your health due to the fact that you not be able to have a therapy which uses something you can’t have due to a medical condition. An example of this is the oils in herbal medicine due to people possibly being allergic to the oils.

If this the problem then another therapy could work to cure the problem you have such has acupuncture. This can be beneficial to our health due to certain people having problems with ways complementary therapies are used, for example in aromatherapy people may have eczema so rubbing oils into the body would aggravate the eczema making it worse. To counteract this the therapy could be inhaled to give a similar feeling of calmness therefore it is also affecting your well-being due to giving the feeling of calmness.

Disadvantages 1 . Some of the items used in complementary therapies can be allergic such as n the therapy Bach Flower Remedies. If you have one of the remedies when you are allergic to the remedies it could potentially lead to side effects such as: rashes, migraines and also fatigue. This can affect your health by potentially making it worse due to the side effects that could happen if you take the remedies if you are allergic to them. When you take/have things you are allergic to you could become very ill and possibly die.

This disadvantage can also affect your well- being because if you are experiencing pain as a side effect this could to having a lack of concentration. This can affect your well- being because when you are not concentrating you seem to be unmotivated. This then leads to you not being able to fulfill your full potential at tasks. An example of this is doing your revision, if you do not revise for exams and tasks this could impact your life by a lot because if you do not get good grades it could lead to not being able to find a job. 2.

Another disadvantage is that some therapies are expensive such as acupuncture and reflexology. These therapies cost quite a lot due to the physical actions of the therapies. These therapies might be expensive and articulacy hard to afford. As well as the reason of if you have little money therapy/ treatments are wasteful because you might not be able to afford it. People who can’t afford therapies will more likely spend their money on essential things such as food and water. If people still want to have therapy when having little money this will potentially lead to debt.

This can affect your well-being due to stress being created when having debt, this is because you have to pay back the money you owe and you possibly might not have the money to pay back. Stress can also have a big impact on your health, for example in this case if you are spending valuable money on therapies which should be used on food and drink you will not be achieving the guidelines of food and drink you will be needing in one day. Another way this can affect your health and well-being is by depression.

This is due to not having the funds that you need to attend the high price therapies. This is by not benefiting from what the therapy can offer to help the problems such as stress and headaches which potentially be cured by expensive therapies. 3. Most people believe that therapies are a waste of time due to there not Ewing a lot of scientific evidence that they can treat these problems. For some therapies such as acupuncture there is evidence that it cures back pain but there is not enough evidence to say that all therapies work to cure problems.

Why the New Deal Failed to Revive the U.S. Economy essay

This view is rebuffed by Jenkins and Shakes who believe that the New Deal, although far from being perfect provided the stability for recovery to occur and thus kick- started the economy. Johnson overall picture of the supposed New Deal recovery was that is was ‘slow and feeble’ with its impact being virtually non- existence or in fact stunting growth. This is reinforced by Sales, ‘NEAR was so inflexible they frightened away capital and discouraged employers from hiring workers’. With Johnson stating the only ‘good year was 1937 when unemployment being at 14. %’ though rising again to 20% in 1938.

Throughout the ass the levels of unemployment never dropped below 10% and that it was only when ‘America on the brink of war’ that unemployment passed below 5% and production levels ‘finally passes 1929 levels for good’. In Johnson view it was V”WI which eradicated unemployment and ramped up production levels without which the US would have still been stuck in an economic slump. Furthermore to indicate the failure of the New Deal, there still were huge inconsistencies in the distribution of wealth, with only 12. 6% of al rural farms having electricity, a resource taken for granted by people in the big cities.

Additional many acts such as NEAR helped increase the disparity between whites and blacks, the minimum wage regulation made it illegal for employers to hire people who were not worth minimum wage because they lacked skills so as a consequence around 500,000 blacks lost their jobs particularly in the south were they worked on farms. Also The Agricultural Adjustment Act in 1933 aimed to help farmers by cutting farm production and forcing up food prices and help the economy while on the surface seemed lawful, an underlying problem was that the reduced production meant less work for thousands of poor black sharecroppers.

Though we must take into consideration Johnson view of the decade a supporter of Melon’s isolation, he believes that ‘if government interventionism worked, it took nine years and a world was to demonstrate the fact’, and that Hoover should of actually done less than he did and Roosevelt should of just let the economy rewrite itself. So he is naturally more inclined to promote the sources that the New Deal had little noticeable effect. Jenkins however stated that ‘people also became significantly better off as the decade progressed’, unemployment was decreasing slowly as Alphabet agencies employed more people.

The PAW and the ICC overall employed over 500,000, this in turn slowly restored confidence to the majority of people and encouraged growth. A significant indicator of this is highlighted by the fact the GAP ‘bounced back to $11 billion by 1 937’ when compared to only $billion 4 years ago. Additionally Roosevelt recreation of a new efficient banking system, it revived much needed confidence boost to investors and provided them with a stable platform to work off and revivalist the economy.

Acts such as the Emergency Banking relief Act 1 933 gave forth reassurance while the Glass-Steal Act 1933 ironed out all that was wrong with the previous American banking system ensuring none of the problems that had exacerbated the depression occurred again. However Jenkins does admit that the New Deal only softened the worst effects of the crisis’ unemployment was still nowhere near pre depression levels and ‘federal debt grew room$22. 5 billion in 1933 to $40. 5 billion in 1 939’. T may cushioned many Americans from the worst of the short term effects of the crisis but did create longer term problems for the future such as the unpreserved levels Of national debt. Jenkins also admits that ‘The New Deal had its greatest success in Roosevelt first term’ in which his main aim was to provide relief to the thousands now stranded in poverty. While in the later New Deals focused on the reform and the overall recovery were not nearly so successful, so while socially sound it failed to provide significant the wanted impact to get the economy back on its feet.

Sales concluded that of New Deal agencies ‘some were inspiring-the Civilian Conservation Corps’ while ‘other institutions such as the National Recovery Agency did damage?. The NEAR Shall argued ‘prevented companies from hiring additional workers’ as the new minimum wage of SSL 1 for a 40 week was much too high for small firms causing them to lay off workers though this was later changed in the Fair Labor Standards Act in Jejunely. NEAR seemed to favor large companies that could take advantage of the codes to restrict smaller competition and increase their profits.

We must however take into consideration that NEAR although struck down as unconstitutional; parts were later revived by Roosevelt in later legislation such as the introduction labor provisions reappeared in the Wagner Act of 1935 implying it was a success as it was actually working. Furthermore even though the TVA ‘snuffed out a growing private sector’ it could be argued that the government initially controlled it for recovery while avian the later intention if necessary to revert it back to a free market.

Members Of The US Congress Are Too Concerned essay

Within these two houses they deal With separate issues, one with the problems that are on a Tate-to-state level, the other on matters that hold the whole country’s best interest, so definitely on more of a national scale. There are slight differences in both houses, even being down to how long each terms are within each house with the House being 2 years and the Senate being three times this with 6 years for a term.

The fact of the House term being so short before the next election it almost forces the members to focus and get what is needed for their constituency. Especially as if nothing productive is done within the woo years of their election it could be that they are not voted in again. Example Dole ? This means that within their term, members need to do as much as they can do to do what’s in their constituency’s best interest.

This comes with a certain amount of negotiation and ‘log rolling’ to get what is needed. This term comes from the idea of helping another to roll his logs so he’ll roll yours- in theory to perhaps help with another state’s needs so they’ll aid you in getting what you need for your state, or in other terms ‘bringing mom the bacon’. So, for the constituency this is the best thing as their representative is focused solely on what is needed for them, therefore being very responsive to whatever they need.

However and in contrast as the Senate have a longer term they almost have a sense of relief and stability within their membership. The Founding Fathers had the intention for both the Houses of Congress, especially for the House of Representatives as a way of being more democratic as letting the citizens of each constituency to vote for their representative. Similarly the Fathers had an intention for the Senate too as it would serve as a voice for the nation as a whole and a single place where this would all take place.

There is the debate which house is more important, especially as the Senate is more the ‘deliberating’ house, filled with professionals within their area and looking at the overall picture rather than focusing on the small perhaps insignificant thing, especially when it comes to external and international happenings. Although the House of Representative is doing more of a ‘selfish’ ole in what’s best for their own particular constituencies interest and on a general scale paying more attention to this than what’s happening on the grand and national scale.

Similarly in the Gather is the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the Lords who are the ‘upper chamber’, like the Senate, having well educated people in their areas as well as in the ‘lower chamber representatives for individual constituencies. However there are similarities between the two Houses of Congress in the fact that although heir term may differ they are both directly elected and have a majority and minority party leader within them.

Conduct by fluid essay

Drunk driving “Please blow into this machine. Thank you. ” If you are a driver, this sentence is familiar to you. Many police examine drunk driving at the crossroads every day. Meanwhile, numbers of advertisements and messages on TV’s and radios persuade us not to drive after drinking. Driving without drinking has become a common understanding. But why do we have to accept this? And what would we do if somebody is drunk driving? Today, I hope to convince you that drunk driving is terrible and that stricter penalties are necessary. We can begin by noting that drunk driving causes problems for individuals and for society.

Many people think they are good drivers. They believe that alcohol can’t influence them. Unfortunately, they are wrong. The experimental data show that alcohol can hocus people’s brains. It makes our time Of reacting become 3 times long. Even if the speed of car is slow, danger is around us. About two thousand drivers died every year because of drunk driving. Drunk driving is a problem for society more than for individuals. Cars will not be controlled when drivers are drunk driving. They will go in the wrong direction and hurt other persons. There are about twenty thousand people who died cause of cars out of control every year.

Many families are broken due to drunk driving. You can now see the magnitude of the problem with drunk driving. Fortunately, it’s a problem that can be easily solved. Stricter penalties are effective solutions. Being fined a lot of money and detained several days are common but indispensable. Even if the drunker didn’t hurt anybody, he should pay these penalties. The significance of driving without drinking can press in people’s heart by using stricter penalties. Second, if somebody hurts others because of drunk driving, he should be disqualified. This kind of people must compensate for the economic loss of the victims.

Qualification of driving must be cancelled either. And the detention is not being avoided. These stricter penalties are necessary. One purpose of executing them is telling people that drunk driving shouldn’t exist. Undoubtedly, stricter penalties will protect the society. In conclusion, we have seen the problems of drunk driving create for individuals and society. We have also seen that stricter penalties are practical solutions. Fine, determent and disqualification are necessary and effective. Drunk driving will be lessened under stricter penalties.

Kapepiso Summary of APPROVED essay

Hence, the role of Seems in the development process mutinous to be high on the agendas of policy makers and researchers. However, Iambi is struggling with access to formal financial services for its citizens specially the Seems and the informal sector. Family and friends remain the main source for business loan in the informal and / or micro business sector (Stork, 2010). Many challenges and weaknesses have been identified by policy makers in Iambi within the financial sector (Republic of Iambi, 2012). Seems in Iambi lack access to finance especially during start-up phase (Ramadan, 2010).

Previous studies on Seems in Iambi have focused mainly on the whole financial system; therefore this study aims to analyze the trend of SEEM access to bank finance and investigate the relationship between bank finance and SEEM success. This study proposes to address two specific objectives, the first objective will be to review investment policy of banking sector and trend of SEEM access to bank finance and the second objective will be to determine to what extent bank finance is contributing to success of Seems.

This study proposes to use both qualitative and quantitative methods, o make sure the results are reliable and measures what the researcher desires by striking a balance Beethoven the two methods. Under qualitative method, descriptive research design will be used for reviewing the investment policy of banking sector, whereas under quantitative method the researcher intends to use empirical research design, for analyzing the trend of SEEM access to bank finance and determining to what extent bank finance contributes to success of Seems.

For this purpose Ordinary Least Square (OILS) regression method in simple linear form will be used to analyses cross- sectional data. The target population of this study consists of 7114 Seems registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MIT) in Iambi, seven banks (both commercial banks and other banks) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MIT).

The sample will be drawn from the target population using stratified random sampling, which is a probability sampling, in which the population is first divided into sub-groups called strata, expected to contain relatively homogeneous units, and samples are taken independently from each stratum (Friend & Wilson, 1997). Seems will be classified according to year of registration and regions in which they operate. Out of the 13 regions of Iambi three regions will be selected at random and sample units will be drawn from the selected 3 regions.

Using year of registration it will be ensured that each sample unit is at least five years old to have a trend of its performance. Due to the relative small size of the banking sector population, data will be collected from all banks and MAT l. The sample size is set at 120 out of Seems registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, using the sample size determination criterion developed by Minimums (as cited in Micro, 2005). Both interview schedule and a questionnaire will be used to collect relevant data.

Face to face interviews will be conducted with the selected managers from the banks and the officials from MIT and questionnaires will be used to collect data from the sample Seems. The questionnaire Will be pre-tested by conducting a pilot survey of 1 0 Seems and will be amended if necessary, based on the feedback from the pilot survey. After collecting data it will be checked for completeness. Qualitative data will be coded to enable interpretation and discussion Of responses.

Data collected in written text form, such as SEEM financing policy of banking sector and sources of financing will be analyses using thematic analysis. In order to achieve the first objective, the study will review the trend of SEEM access to finance by performing trend analysis on secondary data collected from banks and Ministry of Trade and Industry. Whereas for the second objective, Ordinary Least Square (OILS) regression method (Us & Sun, 2011) in simple linear form will be used, for testing the allegations and the influence of bank finance on SEEM success measured as return on assets (ROAR).

The researcher makes assumption that ROAR depends on the following bank finance variables in the linear equation: the amount of bank loan, trade credit including bank overdraft as a dummy variable, financial leverage (ratio of long term debt to total assets) and company age. Data entry and analysis including both trend and regression analysis will be performed using Predictive Analysis Software “PAWS statistics”. To make the presentation easier for readers to understand and conceptualize the findings f the research, presentation tools such as bar charts, line graphs and tables will be used.

Ethical and cultural considerations will be followed, where participants will be informed of the objectives and benefits of the study before administering the questionnaire and interview schedule. The researcher will obtain a written signed consent from participants. Further, participants will be informed of their rights and data will be handled by the researcher himself and information loaded on to computer will be password protected. The research results will be shared with those participants who indicate an interest in the outcomes of the present research.

BSNL Training Report essay

First of fall I would like to thank the Management at BOSS for giving e the opportunity to do my two-month project training in their esteemed organization I would like to thanks my faculty of my college who allow me to undergo my training with BOSS exchange and help me providing tips for this training. As well as I would like to thanks to the staff of BOSS who help me a lot over their and give me their support in training. Staff Of BOSS is very hardworking and supportive. Above all, conveys my thanks to my parents and my friends for their moral support. M very thankful to them for what ever they done for me……. NAMESAKES GUPPY 1184751 (Signature of student) Abstract Industrial train inning is must for the every student perusing professional degree because the ultimate goal of every student is to get the information the industrial training helps us to get an idea of the things. We should know In order to get good job i. E. I have a good professional career. Industrial tarring teaches us loses of things. It helps us to know the kind of environment we would be getting in the industry and help us to get with the kind of environment.

Industrial training is helps us to know the kind of grade an engineer of specific branch plays in the industry. It helps s to get used to working in groups of unknown people in it teach us team work because my work in industrial is accomplished by a group and an individual. The totality the industrial teaches us industrial ethics. Some advance technical knowledge how and help us to acquired with industrial working style. Contents Topics Page no. Introduction of BOSS 5-8 2. Exchange 9_13 3. Technologies 14-24 4. Transmission Media 25-30 5. Network Topology 31-37 6. Facilities 38-43 Future scope 44 8.

Vision and Mission 45 9. Conclusion 46 10. Bibliography 47 Chapter- 1 History OF BOSS The foundation of Telecoms En;ark in India was laid by the British onetime in 19th century. The history of BOSS is linked with the beginning of Telecoms in India. In 19th century and for almost entire 20th century, the Telecoms in India was operated as a Government of India wing. Earlier it was part of erstwhile post & Telegraph Department. Brat Sanchez Enigma Limited Brat Sanchez Enigma Limited (BOSS) is Indian’s leading telecommunications provider and the country’s largest public-sector firm.

BOSS provides local- exchange access and domestic long-distance services through a network of more than 45 Million access lines covering most of India. It also offers Wireless Communications, Data and Internet Services, as well as business voice and data services. The company is still controlled by the Government, as is one of Indian’s other large phone companies, Manager Telephone Enigma emitted (MINT). Plans to merge the two companies have been discussed but seem to be on hold. BRAT SANCHEZ ENIGMA LIMITED has a vast reservoir of highly skilled and experienced work force of about 3, 57,000 personnel.

I believe that their staff is one of the best trained manpower in the telecoms sector, is our biggest asset. To meet the technological challenges, employees are trained for genealogy up-gradation, modernization, computerizing etc in Bikinis training centers spread across country. To apex training centers of BOSS i. E. Advance Level Telecoms Training Center at Gabbed and Brat Rattan Bohemia Telecoms Training Center at Jabberer are comparable to any world class telecoms training center. Moreover, 43 zonal training Centers and a national academy of telecoms finance and management have been running for several years now.

Different curriculum run in these centers to impart technology based training, training for attitudinal change, basic educational and skill development program etc. Main Services Offered 1. Basic and Limited Mobile Telephone Services: – BOSS Is the Leading Service Provider in the Country in the Basic Telephone Services. As Of Now More Than 35 Million Direct Exchange Lines & More Than 2. 2. Million Telephones In The Limited Mobile Telephone Services Are Existing. BOSS Has Provides A Number Of Attractive Tariff Packages & Plans Which Shall Further Strengthen Its Subscriber Base. . Cellular Mobile Telephone Services: BASIL’S GSM Technology Based Cellular Mobile Network Has Reached A Long way, covering More Than 6400 Towns, With A subscriber Base Of over 1. 54 Core As On 31 Satan. 2006 Out Of Which 1. 16 Core Cellular Telephones Are In The Prepaid Segment. 3. Internet Services:- BOSS Offers Dialup Internet Services To The Customers By Post-paid Service With The Brand Name ‘Intone’, And Pre-Paid Service With The Brand Name ‘Chanters’. The post-paid Service Is A Clip Based Access Service, Currently Operational In 100 Cities.

Chanters Is Available On Local Call Basis Throughout India To Kids And EST. Subscribers. The Internet Dhabi Scheme Of The Company Aims To Further Promote Internet Alleges In Rural And Semi Urban Areas. 4. Intelligent Network: Intelligent Network Services Is A Service That Incorporates Several Value Added Facilities, Thoroughly Designed To Save Time And Money, And Enhance Productivity. At Present, Your Company Offers Free Phone (PH), Premium Rate Service (PRM), India Telephone Card (TIC), Account Card Calling (AC), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Universal Access Number (LAGAN) And Tell Voting In Services. . Broadband Services:- BOSS Has Launched Its Broadband Services Under The Brand Name ‘Donate’ On 14/1/2005. This Offers Services Like High Speed Internet Access With Speed Ranging From 256 Kbps To 8 Mbps. Other Services Like Streaming Video, Video On Demand, Bandwidth On Demand Etc. , Have Also Been Planned. Development Of Rural Telecoms Network Rural Dells:- As on 31. 03. 2005, in Basil’s network, a total of 1. 356 Core Rural telephone connections were working. As on 31. 1. 2006, there are 1. 425 Core rural telephones working in BOSS network.

Village Public Telephones (OPTS) & ARCS:- BOSS, in its unstilted efforts to make the slogan ‘Connecting India’, a reality, had provided OPTS In villages up to 31. 03. 2005. The company entered into an agreement with US fund for expansion of Rural Telecoms Network by November 2007, by providing OPTS in 66,822 undisputed, undisturbed, accessible and inhabited villages having population more than 100 as per census, 1991 in the country. Network Management: BOSS is committed to provide a robust state of the art infrastructure that will provide stable and superior services to its customers.

Accordingly, the MILL network covering more than 200 cities was made operational in may 2004. Since then, about 22000 circuits have been provided on this network. This has provided high level of stability to the leased circuits and capability to offer n x 64 Kbps circuits. Setting up UK Band VAST Network:- As regards the UK band VAST network equipment, the hub of this network is being set up at Bangor, the equipment has been installed and expected to be commissioned shortly. This will help your company, to become a service provider with all types of media equipment i. E.

AFC, microwave and satellite for provision of bandwidth, this will also enable the company to offer composite solutions to its customers. Policy on Transmission Network Maintenance:- Telecoms circles have large transmission networks. To improve the maintenance of transmission network, guidelines for route parties and icicles have been formalized. Telecoms territorial circles are also being connected with computerized network for booking Of Transmission system faults, with a view to improve follow up and faster restoration faults. Computerizing:- Implementation of inter operator billing and accounting system (BOAS) has been completed.

Your company plans to provide CDR based customer care and convergent billing system. This will help company in providing effective and efficient billing & customer care solutions for its fixed line subscribers. It envisages building of country wide intranet to reduce the cost Of Operation, increase realization, stop leakage of revenue and minimize frauds, besides providing round the clock best customer care services to the company’s subscribers. Obligations: – 1. Towards customers and dealers to provide prompt, courteous and efficient service and quality of products/ services at fair and reasonable services. . Towards employees ? Develop their capability and advancement through appropriate training and career planning ? Expeditious redressed of grievances ? Fair dealings with recognized representatives of employees in pursuance Of healthy trade union practices and sound personnel policies. Chapter-2 Exchanges Exchange are those from were we can transmit our data or voice from one end sender to other end receiver. All telephone subscribers are sere by automatic exchange today’s automatic exchange use a pair of computer one running that program that provides the services.

Typical exchange consists of:- 1 . Switch room 2. Operation and maintains room 3. Input output processor room 4. Power plant room 5. Battery room 6. Main distribution frame room In BOSS Lithuania, many types of exchanges working which are as follow:- . Automatic exchanges 2. Digital exchanges 3. Trunk automatic exchanges 4. COB 283 exchanges 5. COOT exchange 6. AXE 10 7. EBB 8. SEES 9. SEWED 1 . Automatic exchange: Automatic exchanges, or dial service, came into existence in the early 1 9005. Their purpose was to eliminate the need for human telephone operators.

Before the exchanges became automated, operators had to complete the connections required for a telephone call. Almost everywhere, operators have been replaced by computerized exchanges. Telephone switch is the brains of an automatic exchange. It is a device for routing calls from one telephone to another, generally as part of the public switched telephone network. The local exchange automatically senses an off hook (tip) telephone condition, provides dial to that phone, receives the pulses or TDMA tones generated by the phone, and then completes a connection to the called phone within the same exchange or to another distant exchange. . Digital exchange:- Digital switches work by connecting two or more digital circuits together, according to a dialed telephone number. Calls are set up between switches using the Signaling System 7 protocols, or one of its variants. In U. S. And military telecommunication, digital switch is a switch that performs time vision switching of digitized signals. This was first done in a few small and little used systems. The first product using a digital switch system was made by Oatmeal. Prominent examples include ITT System 12, Nortek DMS-DID, Lucent SEES switch, Siemens SEWED and Ericson AXE telephone exchange.

With few exceptions, such as PAM switches, most switches built since the sass are digital. This article describes digital switches, including algorithms and equipment. Digital switches encode the speech going on, in 8000 time slices per second. At each time slice, a digital PC representation of the tone s made. The digits are then sent to the receiving end of the line, where the reverse process occurs, to produce the sound for the receiving phone. In other words, when you use a telephone, you are generally having your voice “encoded” and then reconstructed for the person on the other end.

Your voice is delayed in the process by a small fraction of one second -? it is not “live”, it is reconstructed -? delayed only minutely. 3. Trunk automatic exchanges: Tandems help connect pairs of switches that are not directly connected. Inter- city switches are called trunk automatic exchanges (TAX). For example, a TAX in Lithuania with a connection to a switch in Embalm, would indirectly connect all the switches in Lithuania (connected to this tandem) to Embalm. All of these tandems have trunk connected to the local VASS international tandem switch, called the gateway Digital Switch. . COB 283 exchange: COB stands for the Origin Control Version 283 version. This exchange is in used these days. This is also a digital switching system. This exchange works at 5-25 degree census. A maximum of 2048 PC switch can be conducted. This exchange support both analog and digital subscribers. . COOT exchange:- C-DOT triggered a telecoms revolution in the rural India that was responsible for all-round socio-economic development. Rural India gained access to a whole new world of opportunities as they got connected globally.

As part of its development process, C-DOT has spawned a wide base Of equipment manufacturers and component vendors for the industry. C-DOT exchanges can be configured using four basic modules:- 1. Base Module 2. Central Module 3. Administrative Module 4. Input Output Module 6. AXE 10:- The AXE telephone exchange is a product line of circuit witched digital telephone exchanges manufactured by Ericson, a Swedish telecoms company. It was developed in 1974 by Element, a research and development subsidiary of Ericson and Telemarketer.

The first system was deployed in 1976. AXE is an acronym for Automatic Cross-Connection Equipment. Ericson AXE telephone exchanges support lawful intercepts via the remote-control equipment subsystem (REST), which carries out the tap, and the interception management system (AIMS), software used for initiating the tap, which adds the tap to the REST database. In a fully operating lawful interception system the REST and AIMS both create logs of all numbers being tapped So that system administrators can perform audits to find unauthorized taps.

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Many people with dementia describe these impacts as a series of losses and adjusting to them is challenging. This facets aims to give people – and careers in particular -a better understanding Of what it is like to have dementia. It looks at ways to support someone to live well with the condition, based on that understanding. It also looks at how supporting someone with dementia can affect careers. When a person with dementia finds that their mental abilities are declining, they’re likely to feel anxious, stressed and scared.

They may be aware of their increasing clumsiness and inability to remember things, and this can be very frustrating and upsetting for them. If o are looking after someone with dementia, you can help them feel more s cure by creating a regular daily routine in a relaxed environment where they’re encouraged and not critic cited. Involving the person you look after in everyday tasks may make them feel use full and improve their sense of self-worth. They could help with the shopping, laying the table or SW peeping leaves in the garden, for example.

As the illness progresses, these tasks may become hard refer them to manage independently, and you may need to give them more support. Keeping up hobbies and interests when someone has dementia Many people with dementia will still enjoy their hobbies or interests. For ex. ample, if they like cooking, they may be able to help make a meal. Going for a walk or gardening can pro vide exercise and fresh air. Or they may prefer listening to music or playing a board game. Caring for a pee t cat or dog can bring a lot of pleasure to some people.

If the person you care for was very sociable and outgoing, or if they have a lard GE family, they may really enjoy visits from one or two family members or friends. But remember that t hey may struggle to keep p with conversations if they have a lot visitors at the same time. Maintaining good health and nutrition in someone with dementia It’s important that the person you care for has a healthy, balanced diet and GE TTS some exercise. The longer they stay fit and healthy, the better their quality of life will be.

If the person you care for doesn’t eat enough or eats unhealthy food, they ca n become susceptible to other illnesses. People with dementia can become more confused if they get IL Common problems for people with dementia include: not recognizing foods forgetting what food they like effusing or spitting out food resisting being fed asking for strange food combinations This behavior is usually due to confusion, or irritation in the mouth caused b y dental problems, rather than wanting to be awkward.

If you’re concerned about the person’s eating b behavior, speak to your GAP. Safeguarding and protecting Careers also have role in safeguarding and protecting the person with deemed TIA. Appropriate staff training and recruitment are essential in any area of care, but especially so w hen working with vulnerable people. An important first step is an indication person when all en staff are given training about their duty of care, both legally and ethnically.