Compare And Contrast Chocolat vs. Things Fall Apart essay

My mother then saw how nearly every woman here wore more casual looting, such as jeans and sweatpants, apparel my mother had never seen a married woman wear freely. My mother having to adjust to a completely different environment affected her in similar ways as other cultures affected civilization in certain pieces of fiction. In the novel Things Fall Apart, by China Achebe, and the film Chocolate, directed by Lease Hailstorm, the influences of new culture on an existing society shows that actions carry consequences. In both pieces, each society experiences a similar influence caused by new cultures.

When these new cultures present themselves, both stories include a sort of abandonment to old traditions in replacement for these new ones. In Things Fall Apart, many people living in Muffin, including Ginkgo’s son, convert to Christianity when the missionaries introduce the new religion. Awoken feels a deep shame towards these converts for betraying their gods and their customs, so deep that he ultimately disowns his own son, commanding him to never come back home. Similarly, in Chocolate, Vienna opens a Chocolate during the weeks of Lent, shocking the extremely elisions townspeople, including the Comet De Reentry.

Infuriated, he orders the people not to purchase from the shop, in hope that Vienna goes out of business. Although, most townspeople choose to desert the rules set on them by the Comet and Lent and indulge the chocolate. As a result, the Comet and other loyal church members avoid interacting with the chocolate consumers, ashamed of their actions. The Comet and the church members shun the members of the town as a result of them betraying the church, just like how Awoken rejects his son for converting to Christianity.

Furthermore, the two owns previously mentioned feel a related urge to neglect any change to their existing culture, refusing to accept new ideas that could possibly improve their lives. In Things Fall Apart, Awoken and several other men set fire to the Christian church while masked as gave;Gavel, or spirits Of their dead ancestors. However, the missionaries have already established a position in Muffin, and they imprison Awoken and his men for quite some time. Also, in Chocolate, the Comet and Serge watch Vienna welcomes the intruders harboring on the river, an action against all of the Comets orders.

Serge then decides light a flame to one of the harboring ships, justifying it as an act for God. Disgusted, the Comet then orders Serge to leave the town as soon as possible. Awoken and Serge both choose acts of destruction towards their oppressors, actions that imprison Awoken and leave Serge without a home. The introduction of new cultures influences the two stories in similar ways, but it also affected them differently. The way people in the movie and the novel react and handle unfamiliar situations caused by new beliefs differs extremely.

Specifically, the unique ay both towns react to the introduction of the new customs. For example, when the people of muffin hear about the Christians, the village elders feel strongly against letting the intruders have land in their town. They decide to give them part of the evil forest, thinking they will not survive. When the Christians grow in population and start converting villagers, the elders then realize the problem on their hands. However, the Comet De Reentry treats Vienna like a friend at first, and welcomes her into the town.

His judgment initiates once he finds out Vienna does not go to church, but by then people eave already began to eat from the chocolate shop. The Comet originally welcomes Vienna in a way completely differently from that of the village elders in Jamaica, who gave them the worst piece of land in the town, but ultimately, both leaders lose power in their villages due to a generated influence over their people caused by new concepts. Additionally, when these new cultures settle in their new environments, the original societies have to figure out how to resolve their conflicts, which also shows differences between the two stories.

Awoken yearns for war against the Christians, and ring a meeting at the marketplace, he brutally rips off the head of one of the Christian court messengers. In turn, this action ends up humiliating Awoken among his villagers, and acts as the final blow in his decision to take his own life. On the contrary, the Comet longs for people not to eat from the Chocolate, but only to mask his own desire for Viennese chocolate. He finally breaks, and Vienna catches him passed out on one of her displays in the window, after breaking in her store and devouring her chocolate, shaming him beyond belief.

Overall, Awoken attempts to prevent new cultures from interfering with his village by using violence, but this results in him committing suicide. On the other hand, the Comet De Reentry hides the fact that he wants to accept the influence of chocolate in his town, causing him to fall into temptation, humiliating himself. Although the two stories ended differently, they both ended with the choices of a leader acting as the final blow to their downfall. The influences Of new culture on an existing society prove that actions carry consequences, as shown in Things Fall Apart, by China Achebe, and

Chocolate, directed by Lease Hailstorm. The two pieces show connections through the accepting and rejecting of these new beliefs. Yet, at the same time showing differences in how the two societies react and resolve the conflicts that the new cultures bring along with them. The village of Muffin and the town in Chocolate undergo unusual situations caused by new cultures comparable to how my mother adjusted to her move from home. With the constant introduction of new cultures, the choice remains, whether to neglect change, or to accept it at the cost of old traditions.

Places of worhsip essay

For Buddhists, worship can be done either in the home or in a temple and there is no set day of the week that everyone gathers for prayer as in other religions such as Christianity. Some will set up a room inside their homes that is decorated with a Buddha statue and candles. Some will choose to burn incense. Temples are typically set up to symbolize fire, water, air, Earth, and wisdom. The square shape of the temple itself is said to symbolize Earth, while a pinnacle at the top of the temple symbolizes wisdom.

Temples will have Buddha statues and/or images of Buddha. Buddha is not really worshipped but is more of a state of mind that is sought and the statue is merely a representation of that. It is more of gratitude that is expressed for Buddha teachings. Upon going into a temple it is customary to remove your shoes before entering the building out of respect. For Hindus, worship tends be more personal and mostly is done at home. Worship should take place daily so going to a temple every day is not convenient.

There is usually a room or some sort of shrine in the home here the person says prayers, meditates, and makes offerings. Burning candles and incense is also often part of the ritual. At the temple, festivals and ceremonies are often performed or can be just used a place to escape the modern world. The structure of the temple itself has spiritual and symbolic significance. According to Template. Com: “Another important aspect of the design of the ground plan is that it is intended to lead from the temporal world to the eternal.

The principal shrine should face the rising sun and so should have its entrance to the east. Movement towards the sanctuary, along the east-west axis and through a series of increasingly sacred spaces is of great importance and is reflected in the architecture. ” Careful planning is taken in building each temple so in coincides with what the Gods would want as each temple is really designed to please the Gods. Paganism is considered a “Nature religion” and doesn’t typically have designated buildings like Buddhists or Hindus that they worship in.

According to Danny Jorgensen “They create scared space, physically and figuratively, out Of the natural environment in a suburban backyard, a city park, the beach, a farm, or the wilderness. “(World Religion). They want to be as close to the natural Earth as possible, since nature is the core of the religion. The earth itself is their temple in a sense. This metaphysical religion seems to think that the entire universe can really be a scared space but certain natural settings have a more energetic feeling than a manmade building.

A circle is sometimes drawn at the selected place of worship to create a world between the worlds s many Wisconsin feel there are multiple planes to the universe (pathos. Com). This is one example of how this religion is essentially portable in the way of not needing a special place to worship such as a temple. The energy this religion follows is essentially everywhere. In the ways of being similar, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Pagan religions do not require that you meet in a temple for worship. They use the energy around them and the energy from within to practice.

Also, they each have some form of chant, prayer, or text they use for worship. In regards to how they are different on the other hand, pagan religions prefer not to meet in building at all but would rather practice in a natural setting since nature itself is essentially what they are worshiping. Buddhists do not worship Gods in their temples as the Hindu religion does, but find enlightenment from within. The place of worship is an important aspect to any faith. The physical aspect Of worship such as kneeling to pray in the place built or chosen can help the person feel closer to the deity they believe in.

Wilkinson Solution essay

Second, a progressive tax was ivied on all remittances in excess of 12% of registered capital, and a fixed 25% tax for remittances greater than 20% of registered capital. Currency Risk: West’s presence in the Turkish market exposes it to currency risk. Since January 1995, the TRY had depreciated against the USED by an average of 14% every 3 months (see Exhibit 1), and by nearly 50% between 1999-2000; Translation Exposure: WEST reports to its US parent company in USED, and is therefore exposed to currency fluctuations in the periodical consolidation of the subsidiary’s financial statements from TRY into SCADS.

Hyperinflation: Turkey is historically characterized by hyperinflation (1 00% in 1994), which shows higher rates for consumer products than for wholesale products (see Exhibit 2). Launched in 2000, the government’s ambitious stabilization program brought monthly depreciation of the TRY, which is still undervalued when compared to the Purchasing Power Parity (PEP) (see Exhibit 3). This program has thus far not shown any positive long-term effects and inflation rates rose once again in 2001. Counterparts Risk: West quasi-oligopolies position in Turkey is likely to be inked to a consolidated network with both suppliers and customers. The entrance of new market players, combined with a change in regulations and competitive imports, may affect the relationships with key counterparts. With these issues in mind, Mrs.. Can should opt for the financing option which: (1) minimizes the cost of capital, (2) better copes with the expected trends in currency depreciation/appreciation, (3) minimizes translation exposure.

Financial Analysis and Translation Exposure WEST has achieved a 30% growth on sales in 2000, while a more moderate bubble-digit growth is forecasted for 2001 (+15%). In the period 1 AAA-2001 B, Profits Before Tax represent 19% of Sales on average, Profit after tax represents 9%, and Profit after translation losses represents 5% (see Exhibit 4). The impact of translation exposures (TRY -10. 8 trillion in 1999 and TRY -17. 6 trillion) creates a translation USED gain for the years 1999-2000 (see Exhibit 5).

In 2000, West’s total assets grew by 43%. 2001 B forecasts a further 40% increase (+70% with the introduction of Equator). Net Working Capital has increased in 2000 by TRY 6 trillion, meaning that the Company’s grog. /the is not totally sustained by its suppliers; a further increase is estimated for 2001 (+TRY 9 trillions with the introduction of Equator) (see Exhibit 6). Net Financial debt has increased by 88% in 2000, due to an increase in both Loans payable and Interception payable (see Exhibit 7).

The Competitive environment: reasons for the introduction of Equator Since its establishment in 1971, WEST has maintained a dominant position in the market for shaving instruments. This stronghold can be largely attributed to favorable contextual conditions, notably continued tariff protection, as well s competitive strengths in advertising and product Translation exposure calculated using the monetary/non monetary method due to Turkeys hyperinflation (see FAST Statement No. 52).

We included interception payable Net Financial Debt pays interests US parent company borrowed amount. 3 innovation. Despite continued market dominance in the face of macroeconomic and regulatory challenges, Wilkinson Sword’s management have foreseen a new challenge in the rise of competitors BIG and Gillette. These late entrants to the Turkish razor market are riding On the Wave of elation of trade restrictions, as the government lowers tariffs to prepare its markets for EX. integration and compliance with WTFO guidelines.

This is reflected in the significant rise of import of goods FOB in the period 1999-2002. Such changes demonstrate the Turkish government’s desire to pursue further integration of its capital market rather than segmentation, moving Turkey more towards being an emerged capital market on the EMCEE continuum. With cheaper cost of capital, West’s competitors will be more inclined to invest in Turkey, putting pressure on West’s market position. Thus, to maintain market share and enhance the competitiveness of West’s offer, Mrs..

Can wishes to introduce the Equator shaving system to provide greater security in their positioning as market leader in Turkey. Project Financing Options Having identified the parameters that might influence the financing decision, Mr.. Joan should value the two different options: Option Cost of Capital + TRY/USED depreciation rate Risks Currency risk Country risk Hyperinflation Translation exposure We should then consider whether where a = depreciation rate = (S(365) – SO) / S(O)

The depreciation rate at which the two options are equivalent is a* = According to interest parity, the forward rate TRUISMS for 2001 F(365) should be equal to: S(O) * (1 ,45/1 ,075) 914,000 4 where S(O) is the TRUSTED spot rate as at the end of 2000 (677,621). Therefore, if the interest parity was respected, a = 34,8% < For each a > option 2 shows a lower cost of capital, while if a < option 1 is the cheaper alternative. We will now examine the effect of fluctuations of the TRO'USD exchange rate.

Scenario A: Appreciation of the TRY against the USED If the TRY appreciates against the LASS, the extension of LASS interception achievable (option 1 ) will be more attractive for WEST as the favorable currency exchange from TRY makes the loan cheaper. In this case, WEST may also benefit from increased import costs and lower FED, making it less likely that West’s competitors will pursue establishment and expansion in Turkey. In addition, since WEST already has established factories for razor production in Turkey, they are less dependent on imports than competitors.

As for option 2, leaving translation exposure aside, WEST would not be directly impacted by an appreciation of the T RL since the loan is also denominated in TRY. Scenario B: Depreciation of the TRY against the USED If the TRY depreciates against the USED by more than 37,5%, option 2 will become the cheaper financing option for Equator. Since the domestic loan is fixed in TRY its value decreases in relation to the inflation-driven prices. Scenario A vs. Scenario B It is important for us to consider the past and future development of exchange rates.

From our previous analysis, we know that the TRY is currently undervalued (see Exhibit 3). For the future development of exchange rates, macroeconomic projections for Turkey show that T RL will more than halve its alee against the USED during the next 3 years. In particular, 2001 average TRIG_/SAID exchange rate is going to be 765774, 19% less than *(365). If the projections are correct, option 1 is going to be even cheaper in the short-run, as the value of a would be lower. 5 However, according to PEP at the end of 2000, the TRY is 1 1,9% undervalued. This leads us to the assumption that the TRY will appreciate in the long term.

Effects Of Options 1 and 2 On Translation Exposure As far as translation exposure is concerned, options 1 and 2 will have the same effects on the Assets side, namely an increase in Fixed Assets and Working Capital. However, the two options will affect the Liability side differently: in fact, the USED denominated interception payable (option 1) will not affect the translation exposure, while in option 2 the translation exposure will be equal to SUDS Therefore, option 2 will create an additional Translation loss/gain of USED – S(O)) depending on if the T RL will depreciate/appreciate against the SAID.

Recommendations In light of these possible scenarios, Mrs.. Can must make a decision based on two interconnected factors -? the duration of the loan, and the company’s version to currency risk. The loan’s maturity will influence the decision to pursue option 1 or 2 in that a short-term loan may not yield the benefits of an appreciation of the T RL that are expected, while a long-term loan might.

English Composition: Quiz essay

Organize and draft your paper. B. Revise and edit your work. C. Invent your ideas. 3- Which of the following is not one of the five elements of the rhetorical situation? Topic CE. Voice 4. Analyze the rhetorical situation. Context Purpose Concept maps are a good way to take your ideas from concept to paper, If a concept map becomes full, how can a writer narrow his/her focus? Use a different method of preprinting. C. Delete the sections of the map that are unnecessary and start over. Choose an interesting point from the map and start a new one. Choose two or three points from the map on which to focus. 5/12th 3 QUIZZES & EXAMS 5. A writers thesis statement hypothesis C. Warrant D. Purpose defines what genre the writer most likely will follow statement Which loom I of thesis statement is used when the writers purpose is to share information with readers? Informative lashes B. Argumentativeness C. Question thesis D. Implied thesis this form of thesis statement is not directly stated. Instead, the writer moves the reader through thoughtful reflection to get the message. Informative thesis C. Question thesis 78. Which form of thesis typically appears at the end of a paper? 7 9.

Which form of thesis statement includes an assertion and backing? [6) Reinvestigation’s 515t2013 ‘O. Win”i, genre best Memoir Proposal Profile fits the statement, “I want to describe someone else’? Rhetorical analysis ’11. Which genre best fits the statement, need to explain an issue by doing research about it’? Report B. Review C. Commentary D. Memoir 12. Which genre best fits the statement, “l want to express my opinion about the people and events around me”? C. Commentary D. Research paper Winch genre best fits the statement, “I need to criticize something I saw, experienced, or read”? A. Report

B. Commentary c, Review 14. Which of the following is not a rationale for creating a brief reader profile? A. A brief reader B. A brief reader C. A brief reader D. A brief reader profile helps the writer to become motivated to write more. Profile allows the writer to consider the place where the paper will be read profile helps the writer to determine what readers expect to encounter. Profile helps to identify the characteristics of the readers. -11- 15th 3 15. Which of the following is not a value to consider when writing an extended reader profile? Personal values B. Customs C. Financial Status

D. Cultural values ’16. The of a document includes any external influences that will affect how readers understand and respond to writing. Place “Medium IN’ 117. Angle context 9- White’s should consider using to enhance and reinforce the words on the page. Graphics and photographs B- the Internet C. Bedposts or videos D. Bold font a. Who”h of the following is not a social or political influence writers should consider when addressing a particular audience? ‘A. ‘D. Social trends Publishing trends Economic trends Political trends 19. The writers indicates what he/she wants to achieve in the document.

A. Context B. Angle C. Purpose topic 15th 3 /20. When twitter considers what will make his/her topic more interesting to the reader, this is the topic’s A. Topic D. Context 21 . What is the purpose of a rhetorical analysis? A. To express opinions on current issues and events B. To determine how and why texts relate not influential C. To describe interesting people, their significance, and their contributions D. To share true personal stories that you hope will inspire others to reflect on interesting questions or social issues 22. Whale is the purpose off memoir?

Script essay

Will cover case review question 1-3. 1 Given the state of the automotive industry in late 2008/early 2009, is this a great time or a terrible time to launch an innovative car company? 2 US car industry in 2009 seemed to suffer setback, due to foreign competition and higher wage and Financial crisis. The instability in the American auto industry seemed to provide one of the best opportunities in decades for new firms to their mark. As a result brands with altered product lines such as electric, eel-efficient, convenient came into market so does Local Motors. Think about Local Motors’ three groups: their designers, other car enthusiast members of the online community, and their actual customers? What does each of these groups love about cars? About Local Motors 4 Local Motors designers get Chance to show their design concept to vast number Of people through the online platform Test their designs before submitting them to larger corporations Receive a percent of revenues if their sign is selected Online car enthusiast members has the opportunity quickly skim through creative/innovative designs.

And Play major part for decide what design should be chosen. Actual customers Receive own custom car without owning a manufacturing facility Hands on building experience State of the art customer treatment 5 How does Local Motors’ use of design competitions influence the types of designs submitted to the website? 6 Each challenge given for designers give the concept to be designed under pacific weather condition, or geographic position, and customer needs.

Design and Technology assessment essay

In 2005, Time Magazine named him in the ‘Who’s Who -The New Contemporaries’ section of Style and Design supplement. He was the only Australian Architect in the group of seven designers and triumphed numerous local and international awards ever since. Design Achievement: Present at least three examples of the designers’ work Image: Future Shack (1985-2001) – It is relief housing for the homeless constructed from shipping container. Image: Carter/Tucker house (1998-2000) located in Preamble, Victoria, Australia. Images: Edward Street House (2008 – 2012) located Brunswick, Victoria, AAA.

Describe the designer’s style or trademark characteristics Sean Godsend’s drawing style is very ragged as all of his architectural drawings consist of the simple use of thick black pen and minimal lines and shading and is not the traditional structural architecture drawing. His drawings are very clear and straight to the point visual representation of his ideas. He describe that all his buildings have an “automated skin” is the immediate signifier of his work which are usually perforated materials (such as steel, Aluminum etc. Or repetition of horizontal or vertical wooden slats omit in external sunlight and inversely interior lights appearing from the inside. B. Explain where the designer derives their inspiration. Sean Godsend traveled around Europe and Japan as a graduate while studying the exemplar architecture he learnt in University. While in Japan, he became interested in the works of architect Shanghais and And as most of his current design sketching are applied by Japanese design mythologies.

Particularly the Japanese design principles of “Maya” and “Hashish” apply to the properties of inner, private spaces and outer spaces of building. Using hose principles, Sean Godsend integrated an Australian colonial home with the Japanese principles. His peculiar yet practical designs incorporated by innovative materials, ambiguous spaces and permeable lights, which are similar with many contemporary Japanese, architect with a fusion of western architectural characteristic.

His design setting is usually in the urban area as a smart way to implement natural light from the outside to be permitted into the building of his designs like most contemporary Japanese Architects. C. Assess the designers main innovation or achievement The M Pavilion inspired by the Serpentine Pavilion is one of Jean’s Godsend most well known project as it was main purpose was to host public functions such as talks, workshops and performances.

The M Pavilion is a nomadic simple steel structure of an automated outer skin made of perforated aluminum with shiny pneumatic roofs to provide shade and shelter of up to a hundred people. Its peculiar innovation is that the structure “blooms like a flower’ to its surrounding audience every morning and closes up every evening. Its interchangeable structure to adapts to the requirements of the vent and flexible to be customize to the weather to shelter people.

With its high rate of eye-pleasing aesthetics, the M Pavilion proves itself to be popular as it attracts many people and provides a contrast the calm botanical landscape. It is a cultural phenomenon winning him multiple awards including La’s National Award for Public Architecture. Design Process: AAA. Outline the tech analogies used by the designer to produce their designs/ projects. The technologies used by architects to produce their designs would consist of manual drafting tool to refine their rough architectural drawings. Hand

Drafting tools are a drawing board, parallel and triangular rulers, led pencils, inked markers and measuring devices are basic tools to produce the drawing. The manual drafting will then be more polished using CAD (computer-aided design) software on the computer to process the writing specification, proposals and communication to consult with other construction professionals such as an engineer. Typically, most architects in architectural firms will use large format printers to print and copy their documents and computer-generated drawings. B. Evaluate the impact of technology has had on the designer’s work. Manual drafting is the basic skill that an architect would learn in Architectural school, using the drawing boards are basically large desk for an architect to plan out their arch textural design using a variety of different lead pencils and inked marker to create the preliminary draft design with measuring devices such as T- square, compass, dividers, triangle rulers and template to ensure accuracy in the blueprints of the design.

Most architects also use architectural CAD (computer aided design) software alongside with the traditional hand drafting. CAD software enables architects to design conceptual element and isotonic layers. CAD programs is a sophisticated concept of creating virtual prototypes that permit complex engineering of the design structure to be analyzed in detail. CAD software allows architects to model the structure in AD and AD, which can allow the architect to speculate the certain small-scale details of the structure thus assisting how structure is to be constructed at the construction site.

Other than the designing process, architects is also responsible for communicating with their clients and the construction professionals that they work with create the project, therefore office equipment such as the large format printers and photocopiers are used to print out documents from clients and architectural drawings. C. Describe the setting in which the designer works (domestic, community, commercial, industrial) and deduces two advantages and two disadvantages they may encounter working in this setting.

Generally, working in a commercial setting involves working with clients that hire the architect to produce the Structures they want. There is a limited space of individual creativity and responsibly to organize cost estimation, time, being on budget and making sure the construction professionals irking with are also on time and staying within the budget. Most architects carry a large sum of insurance in case project does not meet the requirements of the client.

Economic volatility is both an advantage and disadvantage because the construction industry is heavily dependent on the economy. If the economy is depressed, the construction demand will decrease due to the lack of finances to accommodate for buildings but an inflation in the economy can boost the demands for case project and the salary of the firm as well. However, granted the opportunity to expand and rate an active support system with other talented individuals from a variety of field in a disciplined and flexible process to enhance and create new innovative ideas.

Design Analysis: AAA. Analyze the impact the designers’ work has on the you (an individual), Australian society and the international market. Sean Godsend has volunteer to design project such as the “Future Shack” in community non-profit project in a direct response to his concern about social economic matter of homeless and victims of natural disasters. It is the self- sustained re-locatable narrow housing unit set to be mass-produced for emergency, relief for refugee and cutting the rate of the homeless population domestically with Australia and internationally around the world.

The Future Shack is created by using recycled shipping containers and parasol roof with steel footing embedded into the container for easy transportation. The house energy source is powered by the IV solar cell and battery. The Future Shack makes a mark in the revolution of architecture by pushing the boundaries of social economic issue. The Future Shack earned Sean Godsend recognition internationally as it is showcased as the first solo exhibition of an Australian architect in New York.

Sean Godsend and the Red Cross plans to mass-produce the Future Shack in hopes of creating housing units for those in need and this truly inspires me an individual to work hard towards being an architect because of the innovative ideas that he have presented in many of his work such as the Future shack. B. Explain the impact the designer’s work and your research/ presentation has on the environment Sean Godsend’s work such as the Future Shack and Bus shelter house had benefited the environment as most of his design consists of a bare minimum f industrious materials and solar powered panels.

The use of recycled materials reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators thus deducing natural resources such as timber, water and minerals being used. This prevents pollution and reduces the gas emissions into the atmosphere that contribution to global climate change and the reduces the rate of raw materials manufactured; helping the preservation of the environment and its natural resources for future generations. The solar powered panels are a sustainable way of obtains infinite energy source thus reducing the dependence on fossil fuel.

Sense Making In Dealing With Complex Problems essay

This is essentially what is meant by sense – making. In the case illustrated by Pee (2005) of global retail manufacturer and distributor declining revenue, the CE was under no illusion that a significant change was needed to address the declining business and improve efficiencies. CE had a vision but unfortunately he lacked empathy and didn’t take the time to get the buy-in of the key players, therefore lacked the support and commitment from his followers resulting in a dysfunctional team and disgruntled stakeholders.

The CE had the courage to change his style; he became more conciliatory. He worked collaboratively with the key informal leaders. This participative style of leadership paved the way for him to implement the desired change, because he allowed the team to see him in action as he communicated his vision, promoted discussion; together they made sense regards the need for change. The informal leaders assisted in influencing and promoting the change.

Change can only happen if there is a clear understanding for why it has to take place (Cotter, 1996 citied in (Appellate t al, 2012, page 765). This produced unity and providing the opportunity for the CE to build a brand. Having a brand gives you identity and can be marketed as discussed in video on Establishing Your Personal Brand. He demonstrated flexibility in his approach and gained trust of the key players. This was evident because it was the team who suggested and agreed to restructuring. CE demonstrated tenacity by changing his approach.

However, if the he had considered the resilience questioning discussed by Marigolds and Stools (2010) right from the outset, then change would have been relatively easier to address. Marigolds and Stools (2010) suggest four key questions leaders should adopt when facing troubled times; what can you do at this moment in time to make the situation better, how will your behavior impact on others, can the underlying current be managed or will it spiral out of control and finally what can be done to find the solutions for the issue at hand.

Contribute To Resources essay

As such it is vital that every member of the team is trained in manual handling. One of my roles within the department is what we call a “POPS” which stands for Passing on the Principles of a special manual middling Course (See appendix 1). It is my role to ensure that all new starters have received the appropriate training on how to lift and move the resources they need to. We use the four principle of manual handling outlined by Pristine Condition which are 1.

Inside base – Ensure that the load is inside the centre of gravity and in line with the spine 2. Check Load – Make sure that the load is evenly distributed and not to heavy to lift 3. Turn not twist – Ensuring that when moving items, the user does not twist from the midsection but turns with his feet. This helps maintain spinal shape 4. Dip and drive- When pushing or pulling a trolley ensure that the weight of the initial push / pull is taken by the legs and not a poorly positioned spine.

These four methods have helped ensure that the resources are lifted and moved appropriately preventing injury to staff or loss of goods. As a member of the team and as a trained “POP” it is my responsibility to perform routine manual handing spot check on my colleagues to make sure the four principles are met, and to ensure that bad practices do not become habitual. There are many other aspects of health.

TDA essay

Acknowledging someone did well in there writing will mean they will do it again. Asking children what they are doing or taking an interest in their work is also promoting a good attitude towards work. Same for adults! Transition Primary to Secondary transition – Primary schools are often visited by Secondary schools teachers and trips can be provided on the open days when children from primary get to know what it will be like in secondary. The communication between both schools is vital to the child’s progress.

Settling in Children find it hard to settle if they don’t trust the school especially if they have never been to school before therefore communication and reassurance is vital not just to the child but often more to the parent. Supporting children’s play and learning Children can settle in more effectively when they are relaxed. This is linked to the quality of relationships with parent they will also benefit more from play Sharing and gaining information To work effectively we will need to gain and share information with others.

It might me When face to face we should consider Environment It is easier to exchange personal information when we are in a relaxing safe quite environment and therefore we might need to create a coos and homely place for parents and toddlers to go to if they wish so. Proximity orientation and posture If you don’t know the person you are speaking to you should keep your distance as some people are shy or worried and can find that intimidating usually if people are backing away from you its an indicator that you are too close.

Your body position being slight at angle can be helpful while communicating with others. Your posture can be the one of interest or the one of boredom leaning slightly forwards on chair shows example of interest while leaning backwards may make the other person think that you are bored. Both adults and children need their time to respond in a conversation lowing sufficient time can be vital waiting that extra can help the child achieve their success criteria.

Also active listening when you give the other pa reties your full attention not just hearing but thinking and observing simultaneously and encode raging children to speak is very good. Confidence and self-esteem are the key factors for good communication. Early on we can spot if child is an outgoing type of person or if they are not, some children might not like to talk to unfamiliar people. Confident child will be able to voice their opinions.

Reading and writing are literacy skills can be affected if you have a learning difficulty or if its not you first language Depending on their background children can express themselves in different ways Some can use swear words to let out frustration some will work quietly as they are used to silence, some speak different language at home so they might understand as well. In some cultures the women are equal to men in others they are not and their opinions don’t matter as much. CIT knowledge may require high level of literacy especially if you’re communicating via the social network.

Not enough time- making sure you have enough time to speak to someone is essential whether face to face or over the phone. Not speaking clearly- making sure you’re speaking as clearly as possible also facial expressions and good body language is vital especially if dealing with out of hearing people Making assumptions – assumptions can lead to problems do not assume for example that everybody speaks English. Adapting the environment- creating a positive environment can help to break barriers to communication Translation and interpreting

Food Research Paper essay

They are the reason we can produce as much food as we do, but the effects these can have may not be worth the risk. How are genetically modified foods good? There are many reasons they are good, they are one of the only reasons our nature is able to produce as much food as we do. According to Natural Revolution, Smog reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides, reduce greenhouse emissions as Smog require less tillage or plowing, thus less use of fossil fuels, have the ability to manipulate foods to increase ascribable components such as nutrients and increase production of food for starving third world countries.

These are certainly very good aspects of GM foods and are some of the main reasons we do use them. Supports of GM foods even go to the point of saying that they are safe as over a trillion GM meals have been eaten (Nature Revolution). The American Scientist has also shown support for GM foods, as a study spanning two decades and 1. 5 million square kilometers involving crops genetically modified to poison pests can deliver major environmental benefits.

Another study over two decades found that “On average, GM technology adoption has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%, increased crop yields by 22%, and increased farmer profits by 68% (109). The author of the page also put hope in studies like these saying that their “findings reveal that there is robust evidence of GM crop benefits,” and that “such evidence may help to gradually increase public trust in this technology. ” Are genetically modified foods actually bad for you? GM food is a very new type of technology, and there has been very few tidies done on it and the effects it can have on humans.

The health consequences of eating genetically modified organisms are largely unknown for this reason, and have not actually been proven safe to eat. They may seem safe to eat as there has not been any major lasting consequences of GM foods, many scientists are worried that the genetically altered foods, once consumed, may pass these modified genes onto us, and how these may affect our body systems’ is unclear (Organic Authority). The few studies that have been done on GM foods do not, in most cases, support them.

In one duty the organs of rats who ate genetically modified potatoes showed signs of chronic wasting, and female rats fed a diet of herbicide-resistant soybeans gave birth to stunted and sterile pups (Organic Authority). Some people also find it controversial that only four companies, Tyson Foods, JOBS, Cargill and Smithfield Foods, control over 85% of the food industry, from seed to the market, in the United States. The average American super market has over 47,000 products and the majority of these contain genetically modified ingredients.

In the asses, there were thousands of slaughterhouses reducing the majority of beef sold. Today there are only 13. Approximately 32,000 hogs a day are killed in Smithfield Hog Processing Plant in Tar Heel, N. C, the largest slaughterhouse in the world (Taker). In 1 972 the FDA conducted over 50,000 food safety inspections, and in 2006 conducted only 9, 164. As a result of this E. Coli and salmonella outbreaks have become much more frequents in America, and in 2007, there was over 73,000 people sickened by the E. Coli bacteria (Taker).

In America food items containing Smog are not required to be labeled, and according to Anterooms up to 7% of people would be less likely to buy foods that are labeled. More than 60 countries, excluding the United States, require GM food labeling because of their concerns about their health impacts, and some have even gone as far a banning Smog’s altogether (Anterooms and Organic Authority). How do people feel about our food? A survey of 25 Mueller students found that most of the participants believed that 50% to 75% of our food is genetically modified, when it is actually more than 80%.

The study also showed that it was unclear to them which foods actually contains genetically modified ingredients. The participants were asked to mark which foods they thought contained genetically modified ingredients including; fruits, dairy, vegetables, fast food, grains, meats and organic foods. More than 50% of the participants said they thought fruits, dairy, vegetables, fast food, grains, and meats contained genetically modified ingredients. 10% of the participants even thought that organic food was GM.

The participants were also asked to rate the quality of the United States’ food on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. The results of this question were a little shocking as the average rating given was a 7, and 24 out of 25 participants rated it a 5 or higher. These results do not make our nations food industry look good. In the end it is up to you to decide how you feel about genetically modified food and whether or not it is worth the risk. Genetically modified organisms have not been proven in any way to be safe, but there also has not been many studies proving them to be not safe.