Personal Code Of Ethics essay

My Personal Code of Ethics Personal Life shall strive to be truthful in my word and actions at all times. Will not purposefully deceive for purpose of personal gain. May tell little white lies in situations where feelings my be hurt by telling the truth (ex. Bad meal, new haircut looks awful.. Etc). Will not purposefully mislead others or profit from their ignorance. Will not purposefully cause harm to any other individual. In a case of self defense, will only use enough force to escape the situation. I will treat others the way I would like to be treated at all times.

I will treat others with respect at all times. Will not lie for personal gain. Will actively listen, comfort and be a good friend to those who Offer the same in return. I will treat others with respect at all times, regardless of situation and context. I will respect the ideas, lifestyles, religions, and ideals of others. Will respect their personal life choices and not judge other based on those decisions. I will not be malicious and gossip or talk being others backs. I will attempt to view situations objectively and not let biases influence my perspective.

I will promote and demonstrate my ideals through my actions not through enforcing them on others. Will provide opinions, thoughts, comments, outlooks only when asked and provide them in a non-pushy manner. I will continuously work to improve myself and my wellbeing, be that mental, physical and emotional. Will maintain my physical, emotional, and mental well being through regular exercise, eating habits, and proper care of my body. I will work hard to achieve my goals and continuously move forward in life. I will never be satisfied with anything being less than my best effort.

I ill be grateful for every day. Will view my life as a gift and be grateful for it and my circumstances each and every day. I will reflect each day on something I am grateful for. Will manage my time wisely by properly balancing school work, assignments and tests, part-time jobs, and free time. I will love and show how much I love and appreciate those in my life every day. I will ensure my friends know how important they are to me, and be a good friend. I will ensure my family know love them by telling them, and more important, showing them every chance get.

Untitled document essay

How would you feel if you were different than everybody else in your own baseball team? Jackie Robinson had to for a while but not for too long. After a while the team started to be nice/warm to him. This essay Will explore the different perspectives of Jackie Robinsons family about how they feel about his teammates. Sharon Robinson(his daughter) felt tackiness’s teammates were changing in a good way. She says this because they started to open up and add him in their activities. They have done this by adding him into card games and inviting him to train rides and etc.

After that Jackie felt more open with them. Now he was able to joke around with them because before he could not. Earache’s perspective is attacked Robinson teammates and fans changed by they didn’t yell at him racist comments at him any more when he was up to bat. They have change in another good way ,now they don’t yell at him she didn’t hear a thing but hand claps to people. Before she wanted to be with him so much but she couldn’t they only talked over letters and that took lots of time to write it then send it o it was very hard for them.

Then there is Jackie Robinsons The Mummification Process How would you feel if you died and got your brain taken out on a hook out of your nose? In Ancient Egypt if you had the money to buy it . It is one of the great parts of being rich having your body forever . This essay will explore In ancient Egypt when a person passed away, being that he or should could afford it, would be mummified (Step by Step). The ancient Egyptians are unofficially known as the “Fathers or Mummification” (Sterling)

The process of mummification was a well thought out process created by the ancient Egyptians, but it also brought beep meaning to both the deceased and their families. People started to settle around the Nile River banks about eight thousand years ago. After the settled they found that every year the Nile River would flood. Once the water cleared there would be a new layer of fertile soil around the outer parts of the Nile. Because the Egyptians were only able to grow their crops with the rich soil the Nile River provided they did not want to waste the prosperous oil on burying their dead.

Further off in the distance was the Barren Desert and the final resting place for many early Egyptians (“All about Mummies”). The Egyptians buried their dead unclothed in shallow graves, but the early Egyptians did not realize that they were naturally preserving their dead bodies. The dry sands would absorb the moisture out of the bodies. Without moisture, bacteria on the bodies couldn’t cause decay. Egyptians discovered that the bodies naturally mummified when scavenging jackals began digging up the mummified bodies for food (“All about Mummies”).

It was decided that the dead needed a more proper way of burial They started to improve the burial placed by piling rocks on top Of the body to keep the jackals from digging up the bodies. They also began lined the pits with straw or animal skins. Later on they improved the pits even more by adding, floors and walls that were made with mud bricks. These tombs were very much improved from the small hole in the sand. Later on the Egyptians further evolved their mummification process (“All about Mummies”).

Health Museum Week essay

In this Health Care Museum there will be exhibits showing the acknowledgment of the five most significant developments in the evolution of healthcare in the United States. For many years we have seen a large growth in the healthcare industry/field, it has been both good and bad. After have researched many different areas . I would like to portray for my exhibit debut. The five most significant developments are: Information system, the undesired & the uninsured, Tobacco Control, Hospice Care and Vaccine-

Preventable Diseases. Title of Paper exhibit Health Care Information Systems These advantages we have helped developed modern technology are very helpful to how health information is being provided either through electronic medical records, medical billing, or telekinetic. When looking back twenty years ago at the technology that was used than and between what is now has had such a dramatic change. Health care technology continues to change every day. Look back to many or several years ago how our information was stored at doctors’ offices.

Due to the growth of the internet, the evolution of electronic medical records and electronic health records has dramatically changed how physician-client information is exchanged. In the past you could walk into the doctor’s office an see massive charts scattered around everywhere. The front person would check in you, answer phone and then have to search for your chart. Now she only has to enter your name in the computer and all of your medical history that is allowed to be there is there. Today most doctor offices, clinics and hospitals use multiple high-tech computers.

Overall, it has been a big advancement in technology And everyone has benefited from the advancement Of technology, the ease Of availability of laboratory results, and the electronic ability to refill medications during an office visit Both parties involves now have the capacity to share important health information by either the internet or e-mail. In 1 996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HAIFA) were put into place. This helped make it possible for everyone to qualify for health insurance and setting privacy.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act set and established standards and regulation for health information and health care delivery making it easier and more efficient for the patient. Exhibit 2: The Insured, the Undesired, & the Uninsured Insurance is one of the biggest part of the healthcare development over the years. It has had the biggest impact on the United States; did you know we have the lowest rating for health care in the nation? There has been a dramatic increased over the years of the uninsured.

The Affordable Healthcare Act has been in placed to help people who are undesired and uninsured to received treatments. Even some of the plans that are offered cake it hard for people to pay the cost of health insurance due to the increasing cost. The amount of uninsured and undesired has decreased since this Affordable health care Act was started. There are also some government plans that are out there to assist with low income families and just for children as well. Exhibit 3: Tobacco control Since we have read the first publication report from the first Surgeon General’s on tobacco use in the United States back in 1964,.

It showed the damage of smoking to the public which led to implementation of evidence- based policies and interventions by federal, state, and local public health authorities has reduced tobacco use significantly (CDC) Over the years there has been a decline in the smoking rates as the public learns more education. By 2009, 20. 6% of adults and 19. 5% of youths were current smokers, which showed a decline of around 3% in adults and over a declined in youths that compared to the sass’s. After a substantial decline from 1 997 (36. 4%) to 2003 (21. %), smoking rates among high school students remained relatively unchanged from 2003 (21. 9%) to 2009 (19. 5%) Similarly, adult smoking prevalence declined steadily from 1 965 (42. 4%) through the asses, but the ate of decline began to slow in the asses, and the prevalence remained relatively unchanged from 2004 (20. 9%) to 2009 (20. 6%) O. Despite the progress that has been made, smoking still results in an economic burden, including medical costs and lost productivity, of approximately $193 billion per year (). Although no state had a comprehensive smoke-free law (i. E. Prohibit smoking in worksheet, restaurants, and bars) in 2000, that number increased to 25 states and the District of Columbia (DC) by 2010, with 16 states enacting comprehensive smoke-free laws following the release of the 006 Surgeon General’s Report After 99 individual state cigarette excise tax increases, at an average increase of 55. 5 cents per pack, the average state excise tax increased from 41. 96 cents per pack in 2000 to $1. 44 per pack in 201 0 In 2009, the largest federal cigarette excise tax increase went into effect, bringing the combined federal and average state excise tax for cigarettes to 52. 1 per pack, an increase from $0. 76 in 2000. In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gained the authority to regulate tobacco products (). By 201 0, FDA had banned flavored cigarettes, established extractions on youth access, and proposed larger, more effective graphic warning labels that are expected to lead to a significant increase in quit attempts Despite all of the efforts and progress we have made on trying to control tobacco people still smoke. It has become a big burden on the economy and society. Do you know how much medical cost that is made up of smokers?

Approximately, S 196 million dollars a year. Back in 2009 the FDA have been allowed to start regulating the use of tobacco products. Around 2010 candy cigarettes were not being sold to help reduce the desire Of younger children to take up smoking. Exhibit 4: Hospice care Hospice care can be tracked back to the early medieval times is known as a place of shelter and rest for the weary or ill travelers on their long journey. It was given this name by DRY Dame Icicle Saunders who started taking care of the terminally ill in 1948. The first modern hospice was called SST.

Christopher Hospice in London. In 1963 Saunders decided to introduce the specialized care for the terminally ill to the United States when he visited Yale University. In the book was written on Death and Dying, the book showed and identified the five stages through which terminally ill patients progress through. In 1972 Kibble- Ross testified in the first hearing on the subject of death with dignity. As of now I believe Oregon, is the only state to practice this. Remember a few months back of a young lady who was diagnosed with a terminally illness.

CACAO gives accreditation to hospice care in the sass’s. Over the years there has been many changes with insurance company’s in soaking for hospice care. Now hospice care can be covered either if it is at home or at a facility Exhibit 5: Vaccine-preventable Diseases The last 1 0 years we have seen a large decline of cases that are associated with vaccine-preventable diseases. New vaccines are introduced frequently; this brings the number of diseases targeted by U . S. Immunization policy to be decreased.

Disaster Recovery Plan Capstone essay

Evacuate building if necessary 4. Power Outage: a. Pre-Stage emergency power generating equipment b. Wait 5-10 minutes before implementing emergency power generating equipment c. Power off all network equipment before implementing emergency power generating equipment * Recovery Team First Steps 1. Make sure all personnel are safe 2. Determine impact of damage on facility and equipment 3. Follow BCC and DRP and communicate with all personnel and affected parties 4. Shut down all equipment for thorough inspection 5. Start reactivating system from router to workstations to reestablish business function 6.

Document the situation to determine a course of action for future reference Recovery Scenarios Minor Damage Scenarios o Description A virus has been detected on a workstation during a system virus scan. o Action plan Notify system administrator of detection. Remove workstation from network. Run another virus and mallard scan to check and see if other workstations are affected from the terminal out to en;ark infrastructure. If no other viruses are detected determine how virus got on that particular workstation. Identify users Of the workstation and figure out what was downloaded that could have possibly infected the workstation.

After determining the causes of the virus implement additional training for employees on company policy and procedures for use of computers. Document incident and add to employee record Major Damage You arrive at work and discover that there has been a break-in at the facility and discover damage to some equipment and vandalism of the facility. o Call supervisor and let him contact the police. Assess damage and physically check all equipment. Check the server room for equipment damage. Deactivate damaged equipment. Follow a BCC and bring non affected equipment back online starting from routers to workstations.

Once the outwork is back up, check the activities log of the network (if possible) to determine if the network has been accessed and if any files have been compromised. Run virus scans to secure system data. Make sure all ports are closed to prevent intrusion once system is up and running. Document and review with supervisor extent of damage. Recovery Activities * Information Technology Team Tasks . Determine extent of damage to computer equipment 2. Get network back online 3. Run virus and mallard scans.

Argumentative essay

Each body paragraph needs to support the argument with both texts. Consider motifs, rhetorical devices, literary devices, metaphors, and other various techniques that convey the argument.

Requirements: Write a thesis and two (2) paragraphs supporting your argument in a fully developed and well organized format. Must follow MEAL format, third person present tense, citations, full structure, integrated quotes, effective transitions, and must be analytical and argumentative, not plot summary , to prove the argument with a logical and developed warrant. ARGUMENT Exceeds Meets Approaching Below Clear and Developed Content Argument is clear and concise with a deep relationship between ideas that are developed with specifics. Develop and specific. Argument or relationship between ideas may not be clear/make sense and/or may need to be developed with specifics. Argument may not be is too vague. Argue mediation A universal stance is worded with strong/definitive diction in 3rd person present tense. A universal stance is made in 3rd person present tense in literal phrasing not figurative. Stance may be present but somewhat observational/not universal and/or may not be in 3rd person present tense. May be phrased figuratively instead of literally.

Callum essay

As a panel I thought we were quite strong in asking the questions for the person we were interviewing. The feedback sheet used by the interviewers were important documents as it give us a good sense of what the interviewee did right and what they did wrong. The feedback sheet allowed us to evaluate what they could do better should they have an interview next time. If something was done wrong, then it could be noted down and spoke about between the panel to try to find out why it was done wrong and see what could be done to improve that fault.

Interviewee The important documents which were important for the interviewee were the cover letter, C.V. and the letter of application. These are all important for the job role as it gives the interviewer a good bit of knowledge about the candidates that they are going to be interviewing. The C.V. is important for the interviewers and the business that is looking for a position to be filled as it gives a good summary of the person really. It also tells them what they have done in the past in terms of, grades, previous employment etc.

This can be very helpful for an employer as it can show them what they are looking at before they conduct the interview, and if the C.V. isn’t very good, they may not even bother with an interview. The cover letter is the second important document in question. Again, this is important for the employer as it says to them why the person wants the job, but also shows a sign of willingness to impress and hopefully get the job rather than doing nothing which could for example show a lack of intention of really being bothered about the job you re applying for which could then show the employers you are not massively interested.

Finally, the letter of application which is sent to apply for the job role. This can be done incorrectly by using a wrong color of pen for example and it will most certainly show that straight away, you show no interest and generally no respect to whatnot are doing. Experience of the recruitment process role The recruitment processes that we undertook whilst interviewing our candidates, were different amongst all for several reasons. All of the people ere different and all adapted differently to being in front of the panel and being put under pressure.

The first part of the process was finding out and understanding how we would actually conduct the interviews effectively so that they made sense and were worthwhile doing. Whilst conducting the interview, it was made much easier as we had planned what we were going to do so know what was going to be said and done at the right time without any confusion. The questions were asked in a relatively good order which enabled the interviewee to answer them and explain them within the time frame given.

Observing New York essay

This writing assignment gives you the chance to act as the very anthropologists that you already are. Throughout the semester, we have and will continue to talk about the various ways that humans interact with each other and their environment from a variety of perspectives-?kinship relationships, gender roles, political-economy, the socially-mediated construct of race, ethnic distinctions, religious affiliation, sexuality, class, and eventually from a capitalist global economic perspective.

New York as a city and rounding areas are vibrant places that include almost as many different manners of social interaction as there are people. Go into these spaces, yourself, to observe the kinds Of interactions going on around you, and the kinds of contradictions you might see. Your job is to describe and analyze these. You will essentially be doing a mini-fieldwork project. Your task: 1) As participant-observers, sit and observe the area and people around you. Take at least 20 minutes of sitting in one place, and, with a notepad and pen or a computer, take notes, observing the world around you.

You can go to someplace as iconic as Times Square, on the subway, or simply sit in your neighborhood near a local bodega or in a nearby park. Begin simply by taking notes and jotting down the things around you and the things and people you see. Use as many tools as necessary (notes, drawings, maps, etc. ). Think about and answer some of the following questions: Take note of the people around you. How do they differ? What do their interactions with one another say about the kinds of gendered, racial, economic, ethnic, kin, or even political relationships between and among these people?

What might their occupations or activities in this space tell you about them? How do the various larger perspectives weve discussed thus far throughout the semester interact with one another? For instance, how might religion and gender, or economics, politics and class, be intertwined and embedded in the people you are observing? Describe the space. What do the surroundings of the environment tell you about the global flows of capital, perhaps, or how capital is invested (or perhaps not invested) in a particular space? Why that space might be seen as more or less “valuable?

Is it a space of recreation, of business, of residence, of travel/transportation, and how does that affect the kinds of interactions going on among the people there, how people move around, and what people are doing there? You do not have to interview or speak to people for this project, although if you choose to, you may. (In this case, disclosure to them about your assignment is strongly suggested. ) However, sitting, and observing while doing NOTHING ELSE is key, particularly if you are in an area very familiar to you. This means turning off your phones and devices for communication. Sit, sites, watch, and write.

In this way, you are better able to pick up on the kinds of things that might seem very ordinary and everyday to you, but in fact speak volumes to the way parts of this very complex society are composed. 2) Once you are finished observing, use your field notes to compose an essay of a minimum three (3) pages double spaced, with 1″ margins obituary experience and what you observed. In writing this essay, you must have a thesis statement or overarching question that you will try to answer from your analysis (although in most cases you will not have this formulated prior o your observation).

This should frame the kinds of interactions and contradictions you saw in your observations, and link this question to a theoretical/analytical framework related to what we have discussed in class. E. G. : If your chosen framework relates to gender, race, class and/or religion, some pertinent questions might be: – How do race, class and gender intersect in that particular field site? – How is gender performed? – How are class and power relations expressed in that particular space? – What are the intersections between gender, class and religion? How is elective effervescence expressed in a particular site or ritual? What does it say about social relations? Be aware that while we seem sometimes in class to talk about gender, politics, economics, kinship, race, religion, etc. Separately, they intertwine constantly and in very complex ways.

Gender Inequality In India essay

Gender Inequality in India Gender Inequality is the unequal treatment of someone because of their gender, gender inequality happens all over the world, but especially in India. Gender Inequality in India mostly stemmed from religious beliefs, for example the ancient Hindu law giver Mann said,” Women are supposed to be in the custody of their father when they are children, they must be under the custody of their husband when married and under the custody of her son in old age or as widows. In no circumstances she should be allowed to assert herself independently”.

Gender inequality prevents modern women from being able to live the same life as men do; they are seen as second class citizens. This means that it is significantly harder for women in India to get a job, than it would be for a man. If a women does actually get a job in her preferred field of work, she is looked down upon, and her opinions wouldn’t matter as much as a mans. However, gender inequality does just mean discrimination in the work field, women all over India are getting raped and murdered because men think that they own them, there are also reports of omen getting acid thrown in their face for denying marriage proposals.

In conclusion, Gender Inequality is a very big deal in India, and what I’ve written so far doesn’t even scratch the surface gender inequality problems in India, everyday there are new reports of women getting killed just because they are women. India could help end gender inequality by passing laws that make it easier for women to get jobs in the workplace, and it would also help if people remembered that women are people, not objects designed to please men.

Writing essay

Financial managers have a job to provide clients with stock investments and portfolios that are diverse and successful. To provide this service financial managers must know and understand the trends, background of the company, financial statements, and competitors to companies. When a client hires a financial manager they are looking towards the professional to get sound advice on how stable to company is; and that the investment is safe, sound, and as secure as it can be.

In order to provide and understand all this information it requires research and analysis. Working as a financial manager there are millions of options for investments and opportunities for clients to invest their money. For this paper, I will examine Coca-Cola (OK) a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and will present more than just financial statement analysis, but will also examine; the important financial ratios that effect investment decisions, overall health of the company, the analysis of the price of OK stock, and rational for choosing OK over it’s competitors.

OK has more than 500 brands including world known brands like Diet Coke, Veterinary, Powered, Sprite and Coca-Cola Zero. These brands total over 1 7 billion dollars, not including the independently owned bottling distributors that are part of Kook’s supply chain. Thanks to our global market today, Coca-Cola products are found in nearly every country of the world, serving over 1. 9 million servings of consumable products each day (7 Reasons Coca-Cola Is A Buy. (n. D. )).

Coca Cola has been a strong company for many decades, and has been able to innovate and change with their consumers needs and wants. Kook’s business illume has grown 6% in the page 2 of 17 first half of 2014, as the company has been moving away from it’s reliance solely on carbonated soft drinks and more towards lour calorie “natural” beverages (7 Reasons Coca-Cola Is A Buy. (n. D. )). To start the analysis of OK, we will start by looking at three years of financial statements to look for trends, ratios, and important information that can be found on the financial statements.

Information on how healthy the company is financially and how stable the assets are can be found by analyzing more than one year of financial Statements. One can also see where the company tanks with debts, and day to day operational expenses that come with running a business. Starting with the top of the financial statements; income statement and balance sheet, will work my way down each statement and analyze the numbers. Starting with the income statement the first important number is Sales and Revenue.

This is a good indication of where and how much money is coming into the company. For OK they have been increasing their sales and revenue not only over the last three years, but the last five as well. Noting some astounding percentage increases like 13. 09% in 2010 and 33. 10% in 2011 this s good to see that their sales and revenue is not stagnant but can continue to grow. This last year, 201 3, OK has seen a small decline in income, but this can be from many different sources, and is expected to recover in 2014. Next on the income statement is the cost of goods sold.

OK has managed to increase their revenues but keep their cost of goods sold steady over the last three years, this shows good management and use of resources within the company. Another good indicator is their Sales and General Administrative expenses have been decreasing over the last three years, meaning they are to increasing their cost to create and bottle their soft drinks, or increasing their costs of running the business. Net income overall for OK has been on the rise, Page 3 of 17 they had a rough decrease in 201 1 of 27. 1%, but if income was the only number considered for an investment that could cause some disappointment and financial loss. It is important to see the company as a whole and the potential it has, not just the numbers on paper. A decrease in net income could mean a merger or acquisition, which over the course of time could boost profits even more (Coca-Cola Co. , 2014). When examining the balance sheet, overall it continuing the upward growth and increase in trends that was seen on the income statement. The Cash and Short term investments have grown by 23. 80%, 17. 93% and 22. 6%, increasing the amount of short term and long term investments along with decreasing the accounts receivable by 3. 27% is a great business plan for growth. It shows strong management and financial analysis within the company. OK has been looking at their numbers and trying to improve not only in profits, revenue, and sales, but decreasing their debts and long term payable as well (Coca-Cola Co. , 2014). When analyzing a company to invest in, one of the invaluable tools that can be used are financial statement analysis, financial ratios are also very important.

Many investors however, do not understand, or want to understand, the financial ratios and are intimidated by the calculations to get ratios, this is where the financial manager comes into play. The ratio’s help the investor, or financial manager, make a more educated, informed decision about the investment. Part of making an educated and overall informed decision is looking at financial ratios. All financial ratio’s fall into four categories; profitability ratios, liquidity otiose, solvency ratios and valuation ratios (Elmira, 2014).

These financial ratios are more comparison points for financial companies, but they are also used to compare stock of one company to another; as long as they are in the page 4 of 17 same industry. From the four categories; took five (5) ratios to examine for OK: the profit margin, receivables turnover, debt to assets, price to earnings, and free cash flow. One of the key pieces of information that should be analyzed when considering investing in OK is profitability. It is important to consider that high revenues alone do not signify a healthy and strong many that pays dividends to it’s shareholders.

Profit margin, a profitability ratio, is calculated by taking a percentage of the revue. The calculation is found by getting a percentage of revenue from the net profit. First you take revenue minus the costs and then divide that number by revenue (Elmira, 2014). A profit margin calculation is read in general as the higher the profit margin percentage the better. This ratio needs to be compared with other averages in the industry. OK has had an average profit margin Of 18. 40% (Coca-Cola Profit Margin (Quarterly), 2014) over the last six quarters verses

PEP’s 10. 82%. Quarterly numbers can be found in Illustration 1 in the appendix. (Pepsi-Co Profit Margin (Quarterly), 2014). Liquidity is another important ratio that can measure how quickly a company can covert their assets into cash. Some examples of liquidity ratios are inventory turnover, current ratio, and receivables turnover. Receivables turnover measures the ability to collect on their debts and accounts that are old to them. To calculate the ratio you take the net credit sales of a company and divide it by the average accounts receivable.

This ratio shows the number of times that aments owed to the company are collected, if you take the turnover ratio and divide it by 365 days you will then have the number of days it takes the company to collect on their receivable accounts. When looking at this ratio you want to look for a higher number, it means that the company is collecting their receivables faster and that their clients are paying (Elmira, 2014). OK has an average receivables turnover over the last five years; 2013-2009 of 9. 07 (Coca-Cola co. (OK) I Page 5 of 17 Short-term (Operating) Activity, 2014).

Whereas; PEP has an average receivables turnover of 9. 9; this is a little higher than OK and means that OK should work on getting their payments faster. It is important to analyze all ratio’s together, one alone should not be the deciding factor. Solvency ratios are used to see how well the company is able to deal with their long term obligations financially, as well as their ability to progress their assets in the future. Examples Of solvency ratios are; times interest earned, free cash flow, and total debt to assets ratio.

Total debt to assets ratio is used to determine how much of the company’s cash and assets Ire used to pay for using debt (Elmira, 2014). Total debt to assets ratio is calculated by taking short term and long term debt and adding them together, then dividing by the total assets. It is important to look for a number that is closer to zero, especially for a company as old as OK. A number close to zero states that the company didn’t use as much debt to pay for it’s assets. OK has struggled the last few years with their debt to asset ratio; since 2009 it has slowly been going up from . 8 to 1. 12 (Coca-Cola Co. (OK) Long Term Debt and Solvency Activity, 2014). Free cash flow is also important to look at OK has improved their cash flow operations by a growth rate of 4. 2%. This shows that OK has a strong steady stream of cash flow. Having a steady stream of cash flow and revenues on the increase since 2011 shows a strong company against their competitors Valuation ratio’s analyzes how attractive it is to invest in a company; some examples are price-to-book, price to sales, price to cash flow, and price to earnings ratios.

Investors intend to gain understanding of the stock price and how it compares to competitors (Elmira, 2014). The price to earnings (PIE) is the most popular and Ill known ratio in the valuation ratio’s, and generates a per-share basis ratio for investors to analyze. It is a ratio for investors to try to predict what Page 6 of 17 their future cash flow will be, and help determine what the market shares will be in the future and how much investors are willing to pay for a dollar of earnings.

To calculate PIE you take the market value of the stock and divide it by the earnings per share. This makes the number easy to understand and compare to the overall market. Cooking at all of these ratio’s combined is the best way to analyze and make a decision about a company especially since; The ratio analysis, financial statements, and historical stock prices are all easy to find on the internet. OK has had liquidity ratio’s increase since 201 1, this increase is important to an investor since it shows that the company is able to recover from a downward fiscal period or issue.

OK has also overcome financial struggles and shown that there is strong leadership that will help sustain a company through the many economical ups and downs that companies see. Since OK has continued to pay out dividends and increase their dividend’s every year for over half a century, it shows that the company is strong and investors should be willing to pay a higher price than the competitors who do not have the name track record as OK (7 Reasons Coca-Cola Is A Buy. (n. D. )). OK is a strong healthy company that has already lasted over 100 years with it’s beginning gastrointestinal 29, 1892.

Examining the quick ratio, current ratio, price per earnings, and earnings per share is a good indicator of how strong the company is, especially if the numbers are looked at over time. The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets. OK has . 90 in assets to every 1. 00 dollar of debt. You would generally want a better quick ratio; looking over the last four years; OK has en increasing their Quick Ratio, numbers are in Illustration 3 in the appendix.

Illustration 3 shows that PEP does have a stronger current ratio as of right now, but it is important to note that OK has been increasing theirs over Page 7 of 17 time, and that shows a strong company coming back from a negative situation (The Coca-Cola Company, 2014). The current ratio shows the ability for OK to pay back it’s short term debt obligations. The higher the ratio the better the company is able to pay. OK has 1. 13 for every 1. 00 of debt. This is a strong indicator that OK has the ability to pay back their debts and still has quid assets (The Coca-Cola Company, 2014).

Price per earning and Earnings per share are a way for the investor to analyze and predict what they will have in their dividends and stock prices in the future. Price per earnings shows the market price of the stock, and earnings per share shows the investor the company’s profitability. OK has a P/E ratio of 24. 20 and Earnings per Share Of 1. 80. Showing 1. 80 in earnings for every 1. 00 of stock, and the stock is worth 24. 20 (The Coca-Cola Company, 2014). Mergers, acquisitions, as well as economic and political issues all play into the stock prices and confidence of the public in the company.

OK is a great dividend stock option for any investor. It has been considered on of the most stable dividend stocks of all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). OK has consistently paid and increased dividends since their inception into the NYSE in the sass’s. OK pays about 52% of their free cash flow in their dividends, and is expecting to continue their growth and pay out trend (7 Reasons Coca-Cola Is A Buy. (n. D. )). OK has been known to have its soda war between itself and PEP, and this war has gone on for decades.

While PEP may be one of the worlds most familiar consumer food and beverage company, it s most known for the rivalry with KOKI (Tailored, 2012. ) Looking at the Coo’s direction for Pepsi with hiring Ill-known nutritionists for the snack based area of Pepsi, and not focusing as much on the beverages, it seems that the beverage war is truly over. Over the page 8 of 17 last five years, OK has outperformed PepsiCo ,and the two stocks have moved almost hand in hand (7 Reasons Coca-Cola SIS Buy. (n. D. )).

Illustration 2 in the appendix shows that the prices have continued to increase over the course of time since the initial stock offerings of both companies. With all the mergers and acquisitions both companies have rowan, and Coke was able to do a stock split 2:1 option in 201 3 to help their stocks grow even more over the course of time. As you can see from Illustrate- Zion 2 the last time the Pepsi stocks Ire as high as they have been in January of this year, they fell $21 a share. Upon first glance it seems that investing in Pepsi is a better option, I disagree.

The stock price of Coke dropped so drastically in 201 3 due to a stock split the company approved late in 2012. This split gave all shareholders an extra share per share they already owned, increasing the amount of outstanding shares Coke had on the market. Along tit the decision to do a stock split Coke also decided to change the accounting method of how they determine market related value of their assets (Financial Reports and Information, 2014). A stock split is done when a company sees that the share prices are at levels that are either too high, or beyond that of a similar company, which Coke’s Ire higher than Pepsin’s in 2012.

The goal is to make the stock shares more affordable to the smaller investors and still keep the underlying value of the company. The smaller investors buy into the cheaper stocks and end up boosting up the prices again and increasing the demand. o the lour Coke prices are temporary. This stock split shows the strength of the company and is a good indication that it is safe to purchase stocks in this company before prices rise again. OK, as opposed to PEP is essentially 100% a beverage company whereas; PEP is 40% beverages and 60% snacks (Broodier, 2013).

The eternal battle I have seen between PEP and OK Page 9 of 17 is not just a matter of tastes, but is a matter of different turfs entirely (Letting, 2013). OK has also been making strong investment decisions of their own lately, such as a the deal they have made with Green Coffee Mountain Roasters as a step in the direction of the Kerri and moving in the direction with Kerri to produce Kerri cold beverages at home. OK acquired a 10% stake in Green Coffee Mountain Roasters and paid nearly 1. 25 billion dollars in February, and saw their stake grow to 16% only a couple months later (7 Reasons Coca-Cola Is A Buy. N. D. )). Along with their branching into the world of Kerri, the are now lauding an incremental marking plan throughout 2014 and 2015 to increase the marketing and thrust sales and profits; OK has spent nearly 400 million dollars on programs like “share a coke,” and FIFE in 014. Looking at how OK has planned for the future as Ill as remained strong in the worldwide beverage hold, OK may be a little bit more expensive than PEP, but the costs outweigh the benefits to owning stock in such a strong and progressive company and will be a sensible stock to have in any portfolio.

There are never any guarantees when you invest your money, and no investor should just dive in without doing any research on the company. Given the analysis above, and the strong history OK has, it seems to be a smart investment for any investor. Not only does OK sell over 500 brands of reduces in more than 200 countries, and is recognized worldwide providing more than 1. 6 billion drinks a day worldwide. Along with their brand being known worldwide, OK gives their investors a high return on equity, and has increased their stock dividend every year for nearly 50 years straight (Restocking. Mom, 201 1). Looking at the fact that Warren Buffets company Berkshire Hathaway owns controlling interest in OK, and OK is their largest stockholders. Berkshire Hathaway only invests in companies that have shown a strong financial background, and Page 10 of 17 are strong enough to withstand economic turns. This is a strong indicator in itself that OK is a great stock for any portfolio (The Coca-Cola Company, 2014). OK has option of investing with a DRIP or dividend reinvestment plan, so it doesn’t take much to start an investment and grow with the company.

Along with the DRIP plan, OK also allows a direct investment plan that allows the investor to buy, sell and reinvest all online without a broker. OK is definitely a strong investment to keep in the portfolio for the long term with their track record through the economic ups and downs over the last 50 years, and how they have remained solid shows that the company is here to stay and a low risk investment (Restocking. Mom, 2011). Based on the financial review; including financial statements analysis, financial ratio analysis and stock analysis the level of risk for OK from an investor’s point of view should be very low.

There are always risks however, so an investor should hold OK stocks for the long term so that any fluctuation in the stock price or stock market has less effect on the investment and portfolio. It is also important to have more diversity and not just all OK stocks. Looking at the entire overview of OK it is a solid investment with little concerns. OK is solidly growing and paying dividends like they have been for decades. Looking over the financial statements show that the company is increasing revenues, and decreasing costs and expenses.

Financial ratios show that the company is strong and financially secure, and stock analysis shows that OK is a great stock to have for any portfolio from beginners to experienced investors. It is important to note and explain to the client how the company has been able to break through their downward trend to a positive holding in the end. OK has celebrated their 18th birthday and is focused on “happiness,” around the world. Most of all; the company has remained steady, paying dividends, and rowing with it’s original design and innovation side by side.

Isa Questions Layout essay

In the science Sis the materials we can take in is the Corn notes, our table we drew as well as the graph we drew. Question 1) Do your results agree with your hypothesis? Yes our results do agree with the hypothesis because as soon as the weights were lifted the muscles began to fatigue very rapidly, an example of when this occurred is once the 1 keg weight was lifted it took amount of seconds to fatigue however as soon as the egg weight was lifted we saw the muscles fatigued extremely quickly as it took x amount of seconds to fatigue.

This reflects that the harder your muscles work, the quicker they fatigue. Question 2) Were there any anomalous results? No in our experiment we did not experience any anomalous results as our line of best fit matched our results and fitted the pattern and the direction of the line, Question 3) Why we repeated the experiment, What did we do it with? We repeated our experiment due to having more reliable results as well as being more accurate to see if there was to be any anomalous results.

We could also be able to calculate a mean using the data we have collected as we had more results The independent variable is the different types of masses The dependent variable is how long it took the muscles to fatigue The control variable is the person, the arm and the rest time. What was the range from, (Normally it refers back to the independent variable as the time will change over the course of the experiment)? The range of masses we decided to use where 1 keg to egg. What were the intervals?

In this particular experiment the intervals we went up in was 1 keg. Were the intervals we went up in suitable or not? The intervals we went up in where suitable due to the fact we went up in equal integers as well as having a pattern across the graph to symbolize the exults. Why may different groups get different results? The groups may have got different results due to the different muscle development as well as the rest times. Feel that gender also plays a role as height and weight varies between boys and girls.

A question we will receive is 4 case studies, We will be given 4 different case studies, which will contrast to your hypothesis as well as contrasting to the experiment as a whole, As we will be given the results in a form of a table we will probably be asked to sketch a graph, do not write the numbers across the axis but label them to hat we have been given, use the exact words they wrote for dependent and independent variable, Yes case study 1 may support our hypothesis, or maybe all of them will support our hypothesis, Linear or not, Straight line or non linear.

The case studies we are given if they are in a form Of a table look for anomalies and whether or not they discarded it from the mean, whether they involved it or not, also look for the variables as they possible could differ from ours The hardest question could well be concluding all of the graphs. The last question could may well be to contrast the context and explain its relevance to the experiment.